$100,000 Pyramid Season 4

$100,000 Pyramid Season 4 ~ Check Release Date, Host & Games

Debuted on 26 June 2016 on ABC television network. And with a previous season success. $100,000 Pyramid Season 4 is ready for the burst in 2019.

After second season franchise called off the show. Then later dropped off the next season of the show. More than 15 % up viewed the third season as compared to the second one. With all the success with the third season, fans are ready for more.

Pyramid series is one of the best game show of the time. However, winning nine Daytime Emmys. It is the second most Daytime Emmys award winner for the outstanding game show.

The game is all about guessing the phrase as described by the other teammate. $100,000 Pyramid Season 4 will also have a celebrity teammate. Like its previous seasons.

Pyramid has many different versions of the show. Bleeding Fingers Music composed the music theme for the 2016 version.

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$100,000 Pyramid Season 4 ~ Host

When the Pyramid came back in 2012.  Mike Richards hosted the show. The 2012 season was alone having 40 episodes.

Later in 2016 Pyramid came back with the new version as $100,000 pyramid. Michael Strahan was the host of the show.

Strahan is a professional American football player. In addition, setting most sacks in the season 2001. He even helped New York Giants to lift the Superbowl XLII in the season of 2007. Rich Dipirro was the director of the last 3 seasons of the show.

$100,000 Pyramid Season 4
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

An amazing uprising of the viewers of season 3 of the show. Strahan version is going to renew as the fourth season of the show. In other words, Strahan is most likely going to host the $100,000 Pyramid Season 4.

$100,000 Pyramid Season 4 ~ Release Date

Having a running time of about 44 minutes each episode. Last three seasons of the show got released in the month of June. It can be identified that June is the month were $100,000 Pyramid Season 4 is most likely to be releasing on. However, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of the next season. Sony Pictures are serving as the distributor of the show.

Airing date of the fourth season will be updated as soon as the confirmation about it.

$100,000 Pyramid Season 4 ~Game

The pyramid is a game where two teams compete with each other and try to earn points by guessing the correct series of words with hint provided by another team member.

Contestants team up with celebrities in this game show. Where one of them provides the clues of the phrase and other try to find it out.

In this game, the one who provides the clue does not have to utter the correct word in the phrase. However, one can use the alternate words as a clue.

Not only words but clue provider can also use the gestures to lead to the actual words of the phrase. A certain amount of time is provided for every clue.

Points are provided with every correct answer. Clue-giver cannot provide the clue for the previous word. If the exact word is guessed later on the game before the overall guess time then points are still provided.

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