22 july netflix movie

22 July Netflix Movie

Story based on the events after the destructive event of the 2011 Norway attacks. Where two lone terrorists attacked the government, took 77 lives in total. 22 July Netflix movie is an upcoming drama which explores the healing period of Norway’s most devastating terrorist attack.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker.

World Premiere of 22 July will be held on 5th September 2018 at 75th Venice International Film Festival.

The movie will be released on the 19th of October 2018 by Netflix.

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22 July Netflix Movie Trailer

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Trailer published on 4th September 2018 by the official YouTube channel of the Netflix.

It reveals the catastrophic attacks in Norway, how the massacre and the car explosions happen. It even shares the experience of the people those who survived these attacks and the victims of the 2011 Norway terrorist attacks.

22 July Netflix Movie Cast

  • Ander Danielsen Lie (Anders Behring Breivik)
  • Jon Øigarden (Geir Lippestad)
  • Thorbjørn Harr (Sveinn)
  • Isak Bakli Aglen (Tojre)
  • Jonas Strand Gravli (Vijar)
  • Ulrikke Hansen Døvigen (Inga Bejer Engh)
  • Maria Bock (Christin Kristoffersen)
  • Ola G. Furuseth (Jens Stoltenberg)
  • Tone Danielsen (Judge Wenche Arntzen)
  • Turid Gunnes (Mette Larsen)
  • Monica Borg Fure (Monica Bøsei)
  • Seda Witt (Lara)
  • Hasse Lindmo (Svein Holden)
  • Sonja Sofie Sinding (Lycke)
  • Kenan Ibrahamefendic (Dr. Kolberg)
  • Ingrid Enger Damon (Alexandra Bech Gjørv)
  • Anja Maria Svenkerud (Siv Hallgren)

Jon Øigarden is known for his role of Peter Verås in the TV series ‘Mammon’ is playing the role of Geir Lippestad on 22 July Netflix movie.

Ander Danielsen Lie is a musician and actor who is playing the role of Norwegian terrorist ‘Anders Behring Breivik’.

With the cast filled with Norwegian artist, 22 July Netflix movie is written by Paul Greengrass.

Music is composed by Sune Martin. Pål Ulvik Rokseth is the chief Cinematographer of the film and it is edited, William Goldenberg.

Producers of the film are:

  • Scott Rudin
  • Paul Greengrass
  • Eli Bush
  • Gregory Goodman

The budget of the film is approximately 20 million Dollars.

22 July Netflix Movie Release Date

With 143 minutes running time of the film. English as the original language spoken in the movie, 75th Venice International Film Festival is going to host the world premiere of the 22 July Netflix movie on September 5, 2018.

Scott Rudin Productions’ is serving as the production company under the distribution banner of Netflix.

Worldwide premiere of the film will be under Netflix and it is going to air on 19th of October 2018.

22 July Netflix Movie Plot

Based on the true events of 2011 Norway terrorist attack. Featuring the experience of the victims in the 22 July Netflix movie follow two terrorists who attacked the government.

22 july netflix movie
Image Credit: Netflix & Creators of the Film

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The first attack was a car explosion in Olso and the second one at a summer camp organized by the youth division of the ruling party of Norway.

It is the devastating experience of the survivors, how they cope-up with these attacks. It explains the overcome of the nation after the terrorist attack considered the most deadly attacks after the Second World War in Norway.

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