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7 Seeds Anime ~ Premiere, Character List, Plot and More

7 Seeds Anime is actually taken from a Japanese manga. Yumi Tamura is the creator of this Japanese Manga. However, she is quite popular for the Japanese Manga “Tomoe ga Yuku!”.

Moreover, she has been the winner of many awards for her work. In addition, Yumi is the winner of two “Shogakukan Manga Award” one in 1993 and other in just after a decade in 2003.

However, she got her first shot in North America by “Viz Media” for the manga naming “Chicago”. It has been publishing for just a year from 2000 to 2001.

Now she is back again for in America for her another work. However, this time Yumi Tamura’s work is going to be air in a pictorial format.

That is correct, her written work is going to be an anime.

Once Yumi was describing that her work that is “7 Seeds” was an inspiring event.  However, her inspiration is quite different from other.

She was explaining about her inspiration is a product of a news report. The news was all about a NEO i.e, near earth object which was about to explode in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Now that Netflix has been successful in acquiring her meteor inspired work. This will be going to be one of the major anime production work that Netflix is going to air.

However, 7 Seeds Anime is quite popular among the manga lovers. Moreover, the anime adaptation is also going to be pretty famous among the viewers of the anime.

In addition, the fans are viewing this collaboration quite exciting. However, fans are even demanding a high rate of amazing work from this collaboration.

It is been clear from the manga readers of this anime adaptation that the show is going to possess an amazing adventure. Moreover, with quite cool characters in the show.

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7 Seeds Anime Netflix Premiere

As the news of the collaboration of Yumi Tamura’s work with Netflix has attained quite an attraction from the people. When the Netflix was earlier announced that they are currently working on the Netflix’s Original anime series from the adaptation of 7 Seeds manga.

After some time the news was that “Gonzo K.K” a Japanese anime studio is going to make the anime of the Yumi Tamura’s adapted work by Netflix.

7 seeds anime premiere
Image Credit: Anime Creators and Producers

However, the platform has confirmed that the Gonzo anime studio is going to create the anime episodes.

The most amazing news was in attraction earlier that Netflix has confirmed the premiere of the original anime series.

“The premiere of the  7 Seeds anime series is will be in the month of April 2019”

The show is going to air only for the premium subscribers of the Netflix.

It will be provided in high-definition picture format. Moreover, until now only English audio format can be found in the series. However, different language subtitle can also be present in the show.

Notes: The official premiere date of the show is not out yet. However, we will update this part when the authority will confirm the premiere date.

7 Seeds Anime Character List

With this amazing story, there are also some amazing characters too. These characters are going to entertain throughout this show.

7 seeds anime characters
Image Credit: Anime Creators and Producers

There is a total of five teams in 7 Seeds Anime and for each team. We are going to list every character in the team.

Summer Team B

This team was a part of the back up for the other four teams. However, the people in this team were healthy but were not able to quite adjust in the society.

This team was left in the region of  “Nagasaki Prefecture” which was situated near an island in the East China Sea.

  • Arashi Aota
  • Matsuri Tendō
  • Natsu Iwashimizu
  • Botan Saotome
  • Hotaru Kusakuri
  • Semimaru Asai
  • Kaname Mozunoto

Spring Team

The aim of this team was to travel from the coast of Kanto region to Ogino Fuji in Kanagawa Prefecture.

However, this team emerged a few months after the Summer Team B.

  • Hana Sugurono
  • Fujiko Amacha
  • Chisa Taiami
  • Tosei Yanagi
  • Mansaku Tsunomata
  • Momotaro Nobi
  • Haru Yukima

Winter Team

This team emerges 15 years before the start of the series. However, three members died in the thawing process.

  • Takahiro Aramaki
  • Mitsuru Kagurazaka
  • Fubuki Samejima
  • Fuka Ayatori
  • Mutsuki Karezono
  • Arare Fushizuke
  • Toji Murozaki
  • Sayuru Kumakawa

Fall Team

This team emerges near the coast of the Sea of Japan in the Kansai region. However, they start their journey about 3 years before the start of the actual show.

  • Akio Haza
  • Hazuki Karita
  • Ran Shishigaki
  • Ryoya Izayoi
  • Akane Nashimoto
  • Sakuya Yamaki
  • Ryuusei Ogiwara
  • Kurumi Shikano

Summer Team A

This team was specifically created by the Japanese government. This team emerges in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern Kyushu.

However, this team starts their journey a little after the spring team. The members of this team don’t have any surnames.

  • Ango
  • Ryou
  • Ayu
  • Koruri
  • Gengorou
  • Unami
  • Nijiko
  • Ban

7 Seeds Anime Spoiler Alert

“This part of the article can be revealing a lot. So, you can skip this part if you don’t want to find the main plot of this show”.

7 Seeds anime is going to follow the aftermath of the collision of a meteorite.

When it was revealed that the Earth is going to make a collision with a meteorite. Then there is going to be a drastic change in the climate of Japan.

So, the scientist came up with a superb idea to sustain the human life on Earth.

However, it was confirmed that only a few amounts of the people are going to make through this collision. And the few chosen people are going to make humanity alive even after such dramatic circumstances.

So, after the information of the deadly meteorite collision. Different teams were going to form in 7 seeds anime and some random people were chosen for this.

However, there were five teams having a survival expert in each of the team.

The members of each team from different countries were going to be cryonically preserve for the collision. So that the selected people from different part of the world can continue the survival of human beings on the planet.

“7 Seeds Anime” was chosen as the name of this life-saving project.

Every team was living in the preserving region at a different part of the world.

However, it was not that easy as after cryonically surviving from the disaster. There were many different deadly creatures also present on the planet.

So, every team has to survive on their own to continue the survival project for the last human race left on the planet.

Okay, so this is all about 7 Seeds from us. We will update the website and this article with the latest updates about this and other animes too. So Stay tuned.

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