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A Way Out is an action-adventure game with two main characters Leo and Vincent. The main motive is to break out of the jail and run from the authorities. ‘ A Way Out ‘ is developed by Hazelight Studios and is one of the creations of EA Sports. EA Sports will be publishing the game in March 2018. The strange and unique thing about the game is that it can’t be played as a single player. Either you need to connect with someone from the internet or make a connection through the local network or on the couch.

A Way Out Pre order

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A Way Out Game Trailers

The trailer came out 8 months ago. The trailer clearly tells what the game will be like. The game has two characters Leo and Vincent. Two players will control the characters in a split screen simultaneously. It is a co-op game which means you either work together or you fail.

The game trailer looks quite impressive to me. The concept is quite remarkable showing various scenarios one faces before executing a breakout plan. The trailer shows these two guys who want to break out of the jail to claim their freedom. The trailer starts with two of them not willing to help each other in the plan. But eventually, both feel the need of working together in order to escape the cage.

Click here to watch the Reveal Trailer of A Way Out

A Way Out Gameplay details

The gameplay appears quite decent to me. I loved the idea of the split screen too. Although half of the screen will be covered, it is quite necessary for such a game. It allows you to monitor the actions of your teammate. Moreover, it will help with better coordination among the two.

A Way Out Pre order

The game comes with many real-life situations that one faces in jails. Two of you have to decide what type of actions you will take to proceed further. From planning your whole breakout to facing different obstacles. Everything will be unique and in your control.

Many times in the game, one player will be controllable while the other one will be in a cutscene. And proper coordination is required to complete many tasks in the game. The game has everything from digging holes, crawling, cutting wires and everything that happens during a real breakout. You can watch the gameplay trailer by clicking on the link below.

Click here to Check A Way Out Gameplay Trailer

If you liked the gameplay do ” A Way Out Pre order ” by following the details mentioned in the article.

A Way Out Release Date

The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Way Out release date is 23rd of March, 2018. It was known from the time of the release of the game trailer that the game will release in the first half of 2018. Although the game is going to release in March, A Way Out Pre Order has been started. This means that you can book your copy of the game now.

In order to promote the game, EA also offered free trials. This was done to let the users get a taste of the amazing co-op gameplay. Let’s see if the gamers will like the gaming experience of “A Way Out” or not. I am curious to know what type of reaction the game will get from the games.

A Way Out Pre order

A Way Out Pre order (How to Pre-order a way out)

The game is out and available for the pre-orders. It is quite simple and easy to do the pre-order. It can be done through the official site which is www.ea.com. Just follow these details in order to pre-order A Way Out:

  • First, go to official EA Sports website www.ea.com.
  • On the search bar type, “A Way Out Pre-Order”.
  • Or you can directly Click Here to start the pre-order.
  • Now, select the platform you want to pre-order it on.
  • Then log in to your EA Account and proceed with the order.
  • Now make the payment an confirm you A Way Out Pre-order.

This is all that you need to do in order to pre order A Way Out.

A Way Out Game Price: 29.99$

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