A.X.L Box Office Collection

A.X.L Box Office Collection and Prediction

The upcoming science fiction movie A.X.L is going to release on the 24th of August, 2018. This article includes all the details of A.X.L Box Office Collection.

Additional details are also available like the Box Office Predictions, Movie Budget, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release and more.

A.X.L Box Office Collection

The movie is an Oliver Daly’s Direction and is also written by him. Once the movie releases, we will update all the data related to the Box Office Collection of the Movie.

In the table below, you will find all the A.X.L Box Office Collection Updates:

Weeks A.X.L Box Office Collection
Week 1 Will be Updated
Week 2 Will be Updated
Week3 Will be Updated
Week 4 Will be Updated
Week 5 Will be Updated
Week 6 Will be Updated
Week 7 Will be Updated

“Domestic Box Office Gross is: Yet to be Updates”

“Worldwide Box Office Gross is: Will be Updates Soon”

All the weekly and dated updates of the movie collection are going to be updated. Once the movie releases, the table will start filling up with weekly grosses. And below the table, you will get fixed Dated Updates of the Box Office Collection of the movie.

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A.X.L Movie Budget

The budget of the movie is around $50 Million. But this is just an estimation because the movie makes themselves have not given any budget. The budget not only includes the production budget but also the marketing budget as well.

The actual final budget will only be available when the movie releases. So just wait for the movie to hit the big screens. Along with A.X.L Box Office Collection, you will also find more financial information about the movie.

So stick around until the movie hits the big screen and you will see everything right here in the article.

A.X.L Box Office Prediction

Share your thoughts on A.X.L Box Office Prediction. Participate in Granny’s Box Office Polls and vote for your prediction and contribute right here:

Granny thinks that the A.X.L Box Office Collection is going to be around $180 Million Dollars. The movie trailer already got more than 8 Million views on Youtube. Well, this surely tells what the hype is like.

Tell us if you got any exact idea of it. You can do it by commenting your thoughts down below because Granny loves to reply to all of them.

A.X.L Movie Cast

The cast of A.X.L looks like this:

  • Thomas Jane
  • Becky G
  • Ted McGinley
  • Dominic Rains
  • Niko Guardado
  • Dorian Kingi
  • Alex Neustaedter
  • Alex MacNicoll
  • Eric Etebari
  • Maggy Vick
  • Patricia De Leon
  • Stacey Arwen Raab
  • Jonathan Camp
  • Madeline Bertani
  • Sam Upton

Alex and Becky G are going to play in the lead as Miles and Sara. You will see Dominic Rains as Andric, Ted will act as Mr. Fontaine.

Alongside them, Thomas will play as Chuck hill, Dorian has done the work for AXL role. Role of Scroggins and Sam will be played by Nico and Alex MacNicoll.

Patricia will be seen as Joanna and Maggy as Pam. Madeline has done the role of Lyssa. The cast of the movie looks amazing and well fitted for a good A.X.L Box Office Collection.

A.X.L Movie Plot

The movie is about a robotic dog (who looks cute by the way). The robot is built to assist the military forces in the future. But the story takes a twist when an experiment does not goes well, making the AXL hide somewhere in the desert.

A.X.L Box Office Collection

Miles(Alex) finds AXL and also finds a way to connect with him. Using some ownership pairing system, he connects himself with AXL and with time both of them build a very strong bond of friendship.

The people(scientists and other researchers) who made AXL want it back. So Miles with the help of Sara(Becky) makes sure to keep AXL safe and away from them. The story is decent and looks good for A.X.L Box Office Collection.

A.X.L Movie Release and Trailer

Tha movie is going to release on August 24, 2018, in the United States. The date is confirmed and if any change in the schedule occurs, we will update it right here.

The movie was filmed in England and is distributed by Global Road Entertainment in the US. Global Road Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, and Lakeshore Entertainment are the Production Companies. The movie trailer is awesome and the response seems to be good for A.X.L Box Office Collection. You can watch the movie trailer here:

Click here to watch the Movie Trailer

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