About Infogranny

InfoGranny is a website for those people who are looking for up to date and fresh content. This place is not just for viral gossips but also contain useful information. The idea is not just to give you the stuff to tattle about but to provide you value. The content is intended for those who are looking for latest stories related to Entertainment, TV Series, Anime, Games, technology and many more.

The mission is to present the content in the simplest way possible so that nobody finds any difficulty to gather info from here.

Why should you visit InfoGranny?

If you love to read and collect information on various stuff, you will feel like walking on your lawn here. Many like to read and many want the straight and short information. Well, it doesn’t matter which party you belong to. The content is presented in such a way that getting the information will feel like peeling the banana skin for anyone.

  • What do you get at InfoGranny?

The thing you get here is the info without hassle. The design and the layout are kept evergreen simple so that it doesn’t only give peace to your eyes but the brain too. Surfing through different categories is never been so easy. Just come here and you will feel like reading details of your own personal bio.

  • What do we write about?

The boundaries are not fixed but we can say that you will eventually find the topic of your interest here with time. We are growing and sky is the limit.

  • Who’s behind InfoGranny?

Hi, my name is Harsh Gautam and I am working behind InfoGranny.com. The idea is to reduce the stampede and chaos of information and to provide a common platform full of latest information. The team focuses on providing best in class content to the viewers of InfoGranny.com. The vision is to make InfoGranny a go-to brand for info seekers whether it is government related stuff or the box office, latest tech news to new animes, games and TV Series, etc.

If you are looking for a hub of evergreen stuff, InfoGranny is the community you should join. Keep participating in the work by sharing your thoughts by commenting and sharing.