Agony game storyline

Agony Game Storyline (Everything you wanna know!!!)

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The game ‘Agony’ is going to release on 30th of March,2018.

  • Name: Agony
  • Developed by: Madmind Studios
  • Publisher name: PlayWay
  • Game Type (Genre): Survival-Horror

Since the release of the horrifying game trailer of Agony. Everyone is buzzing about the main story plot of the game. Although the game trailer was quite thrilling to watch, there is still a lot left to explain.

Agony game storyline

As all of us know, the redness of the hell shown in the game trailer crept many viewers. The game is strictly in alignment with its name ‘Agony’. For all of you who are interested in the thrills and want to buy the game. Here are some details related to Agony Game Storyline and of course the Red Goddess.

Agony Game Storyline (Plot of the Game)

Agony is going to be a survival horror game. The story of the game revolves around a tormented soul. The game starts with the player (The soul) present somewhere in hell. The tormented soul knows nothing about its past. Which means that the player will be having no past memories.

The struggle begins when you decide to bring those memories back. Soul’s memory is taken by a Red Goddess which has been shown in the game trailers. In order to take it back from her, the soul goes through different places and horrifying scenarios in the game.

Agony game storyline

The good news is that everything is not on the enemy’s side. The soul has some special abilities too. The player will be using these abilities to solve various puzzles in the game. Solving puzzles one by one will lead the soul to different places in the hell.

With each new place, new adventures will begin. Although the game is not built for the weak hearted gamers, many are still interested in buying the game.

Click here to watch Agony Official Game Trailer

Agony Game Red Goddess

One of the vital characters of the game is the Red Goddess. Well, she must be important as she is the one having the memories of the tormented soul. As you want those memories back from her, she becomes the evil one in the game.

Agony game storyline

She also looks to be the main authority of hell in the game. As in ‘Agony Red Goddess Trailer’, she is shown showering blood on some bodies. And also she looks to be the most dominant among those creatures as she is in the center.

Well, it seems like the soul is going to go through a lot in the game. And the Red Goddess in Agony is going to be the reason for that.

Click here to check out the Red Goddess Trailer

In the end, it looks like a decent game for those who love this ghost and monster stuff. The game looks like a good reason to scare your pants off. So yes if you like this stuff, definitely go for it.

Not much of an information is present for now regarding the full storyline of the game. This is because the company also does not want to spoil it for the players. Also, we don’t believe in giving spoilers here at

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This wraps it up for Agony Game Storyline and Plot details. More information is going to be available once the game is released.

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