Apple iOS 11.3 Update

Apple iOS 11.3 Update

Apple is coming up with a new iOS 11.3 update in the operating system. But the process is still in progress. This is the reason that the update is not releasing for everyone now. Only the beta version is releasing to the developers now. Once it gets proper feedback on the new Apple iOS 11.3 Update Beta version, soon the company will come up with the update released for everyone. Apple users can expect to get the update this spring.

All the previous issues that users faced with the operating system have been solved. Well, we will only be able to see it once the original update comes. The main issue for the users was the slowing down of battery in Apple devices. The company has tried to solve the issue. Along with this, the Apple iOS 11.3 update will include many exciting features. Read the article to know about the latest features of the new upcoming update.

Apple iOS 11.3 Update Compatibility

Apple iOS 11.3 Update

The update will be compatible with iPhone 5s and later models. iPad Air, iPad 5th Gen, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and later will also enjoy the update. The will be compatible with most of the Apple devices. If you are also an Apple User then you will be getting the update very soon. The company has not announced the exact date of the update release. But we can say that the update will arrive somewhere between March, April or May.

The Airplay 2 Feature

Apple iOS 11.3 Update will provide an airplay 2 feature to the devices. This means that the user will be able to stream same music on different Apple devices at the same time. After installing the update you can do audio/video streaming between iTunes and iOS. The technology is also known as the multiroom audio.

I don’t think this feature will be used on daily basis. But yes, occasionally you can use it for fun.

The Health Record App

A new Health Record app is coming up with the Apple iOS 11.3 Update. This app lets you keep control of your lab tests, medication, and other medical related activities. Now that’s some useful stuff to talk about. Also, it will make life easier if you are the one who always forgets one’s lab tests, doctor appointments, etc.

The app will keep the record of the nearby medical clinics, hospitals, laboratories, etc. This will be the thing to look after if you want your medical record and reports organized well.

Business Chats in iMessage

A new FB like business chat option will be available in iMessage. You will be able to contact businesses and companies and have a chat with them. By this, you can book orders and fix appointments over chats.

Messages on iCloud

Apple iOS 11.3 Update Beta also showed that the messages get stored in the iCloud. This is done to free up space in the device for storing other media. I think this will be a useful feature for cloud users like me. Nobody likes when the phone storage is full so iCloud can become the next go-to feature.

New Animojis

Apple came up with the idea of animoji which allows one to express oneself better. These are just animated emojis. The update will include four more animojis:

  • Lion
  • Skull
  • Bear
  • Dragon

For now, the user has 12 animojis and this will increase the number by 4 more.

ARKit 1.5 Updated

Cupertino Tech-Giants introduced the Augmented Reality to the Apple Devices. This was a great step to provide AR experience to the user. But the ARKit was only able to recognize the horizontal objects. Apple iOS 11.3 update will introduce recognition of vertical objects like walls.

Apple Batterygate is Coming

Apple iOS 11.3 update

Finally, the company addressed the issue of slowing down batteries. This feature will keep the record of the battery health of the device and will keep you informed. The feature will also notify you when the battery needs to be replaced. Now you can control your battery and also the battery throttling feature can be replaced.

We all know that the Apple has faced many lawsuits against this issue. Let us see if the iOS 11.3 update helps with this issue.

However, this wraps it up for Apple iOS 11.3 update for now. Nevertheless, the update is releasing the beta version for developers only. Soon you will be provided with the original working update. gives all the latest updates on Science and Technology. Follow us on social media to get all the latest story.

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