Audi Q8 2019 (Release, Interior, Specification and many more)

This new model Audi Q8 2019 is being considered as the top new best SUV. SUV is a typically off-road capable car, which has 4 wheel drive. Meaning, engine power flows to all four wheels. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. It is supposed to be 4-Seater. So more care is taken towards the performance of Q8.

Audi Q8 2019 Price

Price details of Audi Q8 2019 are yet to be disclosed. But obviously, it will be more expensive from the previous model (current model), Audi Q7. By keeping Audi Q7 in mind, the price of Audi Q8 can be expected around $90,000.

  • Prices are not disclosed
  • Estimated to be $90,000 keeping previous model Q7 by Side

audi q8 2019

 Audi Q8 2019 Release Date

Over last few weeks people are talking a lot about Audi Q8 2019. But now we know when it is going be launched. In the last annual press conference, Shanghai Audi announced it will Exhibit Audi Q8 in June. Audi’s head of R&D, Peter Mertens quoted ‘The Q8 is “the new face of the Q family”.

  • Announced the Release on June
  • The announcement was made during last annual press conference, Shanghai
  • Go on Sale; End of 2018 or Early of 2019
  • The Q8 is “the new face of Q family”, says Audi’s R&D Head

Audi Q8 2019 Model/Exterior

Audi Q8 2019 Outer design is amazing and classy. Technology used inside and outside is spectacular.  It makes a real impression of upcoming SUV. The Q line dominates up from Q7 with its new SUV. The Model shares the styling cues with Audi A7 and Audi A8.

Audi Q8 is implanted with the crossover with the inclined roofline rigid character lines extending upwards. Bulky grazed out D-Pillar, Tailgate combined Spoiler and hostile rear bumper. This Audi Model is equipped with a sporty Dual exhaust system and macho fenders, etc

  • Outstanding Technology used inside and Outside
  • Implanted with a crossover with an inclined roofline
  • Tailgate Integrated Spoiler and hostile Rear view bumper
  • Sporty Dual exhaust System and Masculine fenders

Audi Q8 2019 Interior

Audi Q8 2018 exterior design may be different from Q7. But Interior is quite same in terms of technology. The car is 4-seater with Sports seats and graceful and glossy dashboard. In front of the gearbox, there is an extra screen. This will help in controlling the climate setting and other Sub-functions. For rear seats, there is going to be Screen about 10 inches.

audi q8 2019

You can assume just as Audi A7 model: Audi A8 model, Similarly Audi Q8 will be to Audi Q7. Details on drive-strains are not provided.

  • Quattro Car SUV
  • Sports seats and fancy dashboard
  • An extra screen in front of the gearbox to control climate setting
  • 10 inches Screen for rear seats

Not sure about engines.

  • But hybrid e-torn engine- 3L TFSI engine
  • along 17.9kWh Lithium-ion Battery 
  • Audi say dual power engine will produce combined 438 bhp and 700Nm Torque
  • Claimed to 0-62mph of 5.4 Seconds, top speed 155mph

These features are expected in Audi Q8 2019 and this SUV is yet to be released. so, there is a chance of more new features that may be are added in Q8.

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