Big Brother 2018 Premiere

So when is Big Brother 2018 Premiere?

Get ready for the Reality show you all are waiting for. Yes, CBS is going to air Big Brother Season 20 this summer. We have already witnessed celebrity Big Brother this winter and now Big Brother Premier 2018.T his looks like double the fun in a single calendar year.

The date is not yet announced but it hints to launch Big Brother Season 20 in a couple of months. So, soon isn’t it? It is assumed that date may clash with Love Island and Global Sporting Event FIFA World Cup. This summer is going to be so much fun. 

Big Brother 2018 Premiere Season 20

Big Brother: Season1 officially Premiered on 5th of July 2000 on CBS. Due to its unique concept, Big Brother got a lot of viewers. And with the Success of the Reality Show, finished 19 Seasons successfully.

With Ultimate Success came two Spin-off of Big Brother. In October 2016 Web Series, an original series was launched by CBS Big Brother: Over the top. Another Spin-off was Celebrity Version of Big Boss i.e. Celebrity Big Brother. Celebrity BB20 aired on CBS on 7th of February, this year.


Big Brother 2018 Premiere seems double fun. So this summer gets excited as BB20 is going to hit your TV Screens. There are lots of chances that Show’s date may clash with Love Island and FIFA World Cup. So let us see when the channel decides to do Big Bother 2018 premiere.


  • Big Brother Season1, 2000 Premiered on 5th of July
  • Big Brother Season19, 2017 Premiered on 28th of June
  • Two Spin-Off: Web Series and Celebrity version
  • Web Series Version, Big Brother: Over the top, 2016 Premiered on October
  • Celebrity Version, Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Premiere was this Winter on 7th February


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Start Date (Release)

 Big Boss 2018 premiere is most likely to at the end of June or July. We came up to this estimation after Looking into past few seasons record Big Brother. Big Brother Season1, 2000 launched on July 5 and ended in 88 days. Last Season Big Brother Season19, 2017 aired on June 28 and ended in 92 days. Season 20 will make Big Brother Longest Show ever, cheers to that. Season 20 is also going to be a celebrity season again. As it is renewed to make a come back. USA celebrity Big Brother soon get aired on CBS.


  • Big Brother 2018 Premiere: This Summer; end of June or July
  • The show will air on CBS
  • Big Brother Season20: Longest Show ever
  • The date may clash with love Island and FIFA World Cup
  • The double excitement in a single calendar year; Celebrity Big Brother and Now Big Brother


As last season lasted for 92 days, and last four Seasons for more than 90 days. We are expecting the same this summer.

So buckle up make this summer more exciting and productive with Big Brother 2018 Premiere. More updates are coming as the show releases so make you stick around.

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