Big Brother Canada Winner 2018

Big Brother Canada Winner 2018

As we all know Big Brother Canada 6 has started. The show will end soon and the Big Brother Canada Winner 2018 will be announced.

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Big Brother is an international TV show. The show has a quite unique show format which is the reason for its huge popularity. This is because of the success of the show that many countries came with their own versions of Big Brother. Big Brother Canada is also one of such shows. The show has a huge viewer base and is one of the best in its class.

Big Brother CA 6 Show details

The show is a Canadian Reality TV show. The show comprises of contestants who don’t know each other to live in a house with no contact with the outer world. The contestants spend a couple of months in the house with each other. The time is crucial for all the contestant as they have to survive. The contestant who survives till the end will win the show and take the title.

Every member of the house has to face various challenges in order to make his/her way through each week. Many tasks and other activities are performed by the contestant to save themselves from eviction from the house. Similarly, in Season 6 of Big Brother CA, the show will have a Big Brother CA Winner 2018.

Big Brother Canada Winner 2018


Let us see who makes it to the finale and who wins the show.

Big Brother Canada Season 6 Winner Announced

The Big Bother Canada 2018 Winner has been announced by the show. The winner is 23-year-old Atashnak who beat Kaela Grant in the final round.

Atashnak is from Vancouver situated in British Columbia. By winning the Big Brother Canada Season 6, she is awarded her dream vacation and a cash prize of $100,000 dollars.

big brother canada winner 2018

While Kaela only received 1 vote, Atashnak got 6 votes from the judges to be crowned the if Big Brother Canada 2018 title.

Big Brother Canada 2018 Finalists & Houseguests

Contestants are the soul of a show like Big Brother Canada 2018. All the previous season of Big Brother Canada were hit because of its amazing houseguest list. The show does have an amazing contestant list this season too. Check out the names of the Houseguest that you will see in the house this year:

  • William Kenny
  • Ryan Ballantine
  • Rozina Yaqub
  • Paras Atashnak
  • Olivia Riemer
  • Madeline Poplett
  • Kaela Grant
  • Johnny Mulder
  • Jesse Larson
  • Hamza Hatoum
  • Erica Hill
  • Derek Kessler
  • Andrew Miller
  • Alejandra “Ali” Martinez

These are the personalities that you are going to see in the Big Brother Canada 2018 Season 6. Name of the finalists will be disclosed here as the show progresses to the finale episodes so stick with us. Details of Big Brother Canada Winner 2018 will soon be updated in the article so stay tuned.

Big Brother Canada Winner 2018


Big Brother Canada Winner 2018 ~ Season 6

Three of the above house members will make their way to the finale of the show. In the end, only one will take the title and the Grand Prize of $100,000 Dollars with him/her. Along with this, the winner will get a European Dream Vacation. The runner-up will also get a prize of $20,000 dollars.

It will be fun to watch who will be there as the finalists for the show and moreover the Big Brother Canada Winner 2018.

Till then, have your eyes on the Big Brother Canada 6 Houseguests and keep supporting them. A lot is yet to be seen in the house. Making and breaking friendships, new relations, love, hate, etc are part of the show as a game to be played. Keep following the show and infogranny to get the latest updates of Big Brother Canada Winner 2018.

Comment who you think will win the show.

The name of the winner will be updated as soon as we get the official announcement from the show.

Till then, stay tuned for more information.

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