Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018

Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018

Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018, Bigg Boss Marathi Audition, Bigg Boss Marathi Entry Form 2018

Bigg Boss is a big hit in India as everybody knows. With the increase in the popularity of the show. Every other regional channel who wanted a new show came up with the same idea. As a result, they started their very own version of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss itself is taken from an international show ‘Big Brother’. Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018 is going to start soon. Check all the details of applying online in this article.

Those regional versions of Bigg Boss were a big hit. Bigg Boss Marathi was one of such shows. This time Bigg Boss Marathi 2018 is going to start soon this year. In order to get register yourself, follow all the details given here.

Bigg Boss Marathi Entry 2018

The teaser of Bigg Boss Marathi 2018 is out now. We must say that the teaser was quite impressive. Well, the format of the show is going to be same this year too. There will be the entry of common man in the show. By entering the show they will be no more common man. they will be treated as celebrity. So apply for this season and enter the show.

Now everyone knows that the format includes a common man entry. In order to participate, one must have to do Bigg Boss Marathi 2018 registration. This was done after the main show started doing it. Moreover, it will be fun to see common people and celebrities in action this year too.

So all the Marathis, are informed to get ready enjoy Bigg Boss Marathi 2018 this year. And if you want to be in the Bigg Boss House, then do Bigg Boss Marathi registration 2018.

Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018


Bigg Boss Marathi Audition 2018

The entry of the common man contestant in Bigg Boss Marathi house is done through an audition process. The process includes sending a video of yourself. Then go through some telephonic interviews, discussions and in the end the personal interview.

After going through all this, you will get and confirmation message from the show. And the contestant will be invited to the show through a call. So This is how the audition and selection process goes for Bigg Boss Marathi.

Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018

The selection process is going to start soon. In order to avail this opportunity of getting into the show. You must register for the show. The registration is going to be done online. The process is going to be quite simple and easy. You can do the Bigg Boss Marathi registration 2018 online through ‘Voot’. Follow the steps below in order to register yourself for Bigg Boss Marathi 2018:

  • Visit, the official Voot website which is
  • On the search bar, type Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 2018.
  • Now, a form will appear on the screen demanding your personal details.
  • Fill all those details carefully on the form and go further.
  • Now, upload an audition video along with the form.
  • Attach the scanned copies of the documents if demanded.
  • Click “Submit” to finish the registration.

This is all you need to do get the common man entry form for Bigg Boss Marathi 2018.

Bigg Boss Marathi 2018 Eligibility Details

  • The contestant must be above 18 years old.
  • The contestant must know how to speak Marathi.
  • Applicant must not fill any false information on the application form.
  • Also, The candidate must have a clean track record. This means that he/she should not be a part of any illegal activity.

We will update all more information about Bigg Boss Marathi registration 2018 on More details like the show dates and timings, contestant list, audition dates, first episode details will be updated here.

So stay tuned with Infogranny.

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