Bigg Boss Marathi Vote

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote

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As everyone knows, the latest show Bigg Boss Marathi is going to air on television this year. Bigg Boss has been an amazing show and all other regional versions of it are fun to watch too. As the Bigg Boss Marathi is going to release soon, the hype of the show is high. There will be 16 contestants in the show who will live in a house together like the original show. Each week Bigg Boss Marathi voting will be done and the show will eliminate one contestant every week. The last one surviving in the show will take the Bigg Boss Marathi Title.

The show is going to start on 15th of April, 2018. And you will see the contestants for the first time on 16th of April, 2018.

Common people are also going to take part in the show. So you may like to check Bigg Boss Marathi Registration details by clicking on the link below:

Click here for Bigg Boss Marathi Registration 

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote [Voting Details]

As mentioned above that, the voting will be done each week. At the end of the week, one of the contestants who was nominated will leave the show. The only cause of eviction is getting the lowest number of votes from the contestants. Bigg Boss Marathi vote process is thus very crucial for the contestants to survive in the show. Otherwise facing eviction is the only option left for the contestants. The voting process of Bigg Boss Marathi is going to be simple and easy. There are chances that the show may include online voting through Voot app as everyone is online these days. But the show may also come up with the offline missed call voting method. You need not worry because in this article you are going to get all the details related to Bigg Boss Marathi Vote and who the voting process will be.

You can vote for your favourite contestants in the show by following ways:

  • Online Voting Method
  • Offline or Missed Call Voting

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote

Bigg Boss Marathi Online Voting (Voot App Voting)

As every other show is having the online voting procedure. We don’t think that the show will miss out this feature. Bigg Boss Marathi Vote is most likely to happen online also. The show may include voting through Voot App. Follow these details to know how to do Bigg Boss Marathi Online voting through Voot App:

  • First, you need to download the Voot App from Google Play Store. or Download Here
  • Now open the app and register your email account there.
  • Log in to the registered account.
  • On the search bar type Bigg Boss Marathi Vote.
  • List of nominated contestants will appear along with their images.
  • Choose the contestant you want to vote for and cast your votes.
  • Now, hit ‘Submit’ to finish Bigg Boss Marathi online voting.

This is all you need to do in order to vote with Voot App. Read below to know about the Missed Call Voting method in Bigg Boss Marathi.

Bigg Boss Marathi Missed Call Voting (Offline Voting Method)

The missed call voting method has been used by many shows in history. Although the process is old, you can still see people using this one. In the show, each contestant will have a unique voting number. All you need to do is to give a missed call on that number to cast your votes.

Make sure you do voting in Bigg Boss Marathi if you want to see your favorite contestant on the show. More updates about the Bigg Boss Marathi Vote and Voting process are going to be available here. So make sure you stay tuned.

Bigg Boss Marathi Contestant Voting

Not all the contestants in the show are going to be available for voting each week. You will only be able to vote for the contestants that are nominated by other contestants in the house. Contestants that are not nominated will be safe for that week.

These below are the contestants for which audience may cast their vote. These 15 contestants participated in the Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1. So you may start doing Bigg Boss Marathi Vote for these contestants :

Resham Tipnis Voting

Astad Kale & Jui Gadkari Voting

Smita Gondkar Voting

Bhushan Kadu Voting

Megha Dhade Voting

Pushkar Jog Voting

Sushant Shelkar Voting

Rajesh Shringarpore Voting

Ratuja Dharmadhikari Voting

Sai Lokur Voting

Usha Nadkarni Voting

Aarti Solanki Voting

Anil Thatte Voting

Vineet Bhonde Voting


You need not worry about this, as only the names of the contestants who are nominated will be available on Voot App. Just make sure you don’t give a missed call to a safe contestant as it will be useless.

Celebrities and common people both will be there in the house as the main show has. Bigg Boss Contestants voting will be done as mentioned above.

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Result & Polls

Elimination happens weekly on the show. So every week voting results will be out. Survival in the show will become more difficult with each week. In order to make sure the best one proceed further, do take part in the voting polls.

All the details related to Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Results will be updated here. So stick around as the show starts.

Voting Polls are going to be the same for both celebrities and commoners. There are no biases in the show related to the voting process whether it is a celebrity or a commoner.

That’s all for Bigg Boss Marathi Vote, Online Voting, Voting Polls, Vote Results, Voot App Voting in Bigg Boss Marathi.

More information is on its way and let’s see what happens.

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