Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is going on air very soon. For all of you guys who have been waiting to know, how the voting will be done. You are in the right place at

You may check the latest details of:

  • Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: What the Viewers need to do in order to do Voting in the show.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting: The Season 2 is Starting in July 2018 (Vote Now!)
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online/Online Vote: You can vote online using the methods explained below!
  • Missed Call Voting in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu: Check if you can vote using Missed Call or Not!
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results 2018: Voting Results and Bigg Boss Telugu Every Week Elimination Details will be Present with Special Details So Stay Tuned. 

The article covers all the details of the voting process and how it is done. Check the article below to know about the Voting Polls in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu.

Guys the nominated contestant names are given in this picture below. You may check here details to vote for them and cast your vote. 

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Many of you may know about the original Bigg Boss show. It is due to the format changes done in the original show that other regional shows like Bigg Boss Telugu came up with common man entry. Now as Bigg Boss Telugu is going to come on Star maa very soon. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote process will start.

The show will include 14 houseguests who will participate in the show. The contestants will include both celebs and commoners. The process of voting for both part of contestants is same and simple. Voting in the show will be done through the following method:

  • Bigg Boss Telugu Online Vote: Bigg Boss Telugu Vote online will be done using the internet and your Gmail account.
  • Missed Call Vote in Bigg Boss Telugu: Voting will be done by giving missed calls on contestant numbers.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting

For now, the show has the above mentioned online and offline voting methods. But it may happen that some other medium to do Bigg Boss Telugu Vote may come. Star Maa may start app voting for the show. If any such update comes, we will discuss it in the article.

Voting lines of the show will open for 5 days. Lines will close on the weekends and the vote results will be announced. The contestant having the least number of votes will make his/her way out of the Bigg Boss House.

Voting Lines will be open ‘Monday’ to ‘Friday’ Midnight

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting

The show has the simplest online voting method. Yes, the show supports google voting for its contestants. This means you can directly go to google, type in the keyword and you are all set to vote. Follow these details in order to vote for the nominated contestants in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account in the browser.
  3. Now type “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote or Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting“.
  4. The list of nominated contestants of the week will show up.
  5. Select the contestants you want to vote for.
  6. And hit Submit to cast your votes.

Note: Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls will open every week. But you can only cast 50 votes with a single Gmail account. You can either vote for one contestant or split the votes for more than one contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Vote

The contestants in the show are provided with a contestant voting number. The number will display during the episodes air on Television. All you need to do is to give a missed call on the number of the contestant you want to support.

This method is not much used but if you are out of internet then you can use the offline missed call method for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Social Media Voting (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Voting Updates)

For now, Star Maa has made no claims regarding using social Media for casting Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. But as the times are changing, it may happen that special social media voting takes place in the show. But we cannot say much, as there are no official details present for now. But as soon as the show comes out with any Voting Updates, you will find them in the article.

To have an idea of Social Media Voting in Bigg Boss Telugu, Take a look below:

Facebook Voting: Voting May Done on Facebook by making updates from The official Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Page.

Instagram Voting: Special Hashtags can be used for Voting and supporting the show contestants.

Twitter: Like other platforms, Twitter is also very likely to be used for Bigg Boss Telugu Voting.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Polls & Vote Results 2018

Voting will be done each week. And with every week passing, one contestant will leave the show. As mentioned above that the voting will happen for 5 weekdays. While the discussions and elimination announcements will happen on the weekends. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results will be updated here once the show progressed. So make sure you stick around to know all about your favorite show.

More voting updates are going to be available soon. So make sure you stay tuned and do Bigg Boss Telugu vote in order to support the contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Status

The good news for all Bigg Boss Telugu Fans is here. The show is kicking it off with the first episode today. For all of those who are looking for Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Status, you are in the right place. As the Bigg Boss Telugu Premieres today, the contestants are going to be presented before the viewers for the first time.

From this episode, you will see these contestants in the Bigg Boss House. On the Week Days (i.e Monday to Friday) Voting will be done by the viewers. And the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result will be announced on the Weekends (i.e Saturdays and Sundays). Moreover, all the information about the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu is going to be updated here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Count and Eliminations

Here we are going to update all the news related to the Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Count. All the names of the contestants who leave the house will be present here. Eliminations are going to take place on the Sat and Sun every week.

But Special Eliminations which are done in between tasks and on Week Days will occur out of Nowhere. Eliminations can happen when a contestant doesn’t follow the Bigg Boss Telugu House Rules. Here we are going to update all the details of the Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination (Usual and Special).

  • In normal elimination, the contestant having least Vote Count will get evicted.
  • In Special elimination, dynamic causes will be present for contestant elimination.

Let us see what Star Maa has to show in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

So Stay Tuned.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

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