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Broken Bread Watch Online Details, Plot, Cast & Latest Updates

Below we will discuss the Broken Bread Show Watch Online Details along with the plot, cast and other updates of the show.

A new show starring Roy Choi, this show is bound to give you some major food goals along with inspiring stories of overcoming adverse odds.

The show is broken into six parts and provides a major perspective of how food can bring about change in society.

Roy who has previously launched food trucks, social justice campaigns and restaurants is spearheading this show.

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Broken Bread Plot Details

Roy states that his intention is not to find big-timers from the food revolution industry, but instead small, everyday citizens who are quietly making a difference through their lives.

Waste, sustainability and immigration issues are the prime focus of this show. The first episode looks at an attempt to restore impoverished sections of society back to the mainstream via the power of collective cooking.

Another episode attempts to provide healthy and fresh food to communities that currently lack such resources.

One of the highest rated episodes deals with how food is currently undergoing a revolution with protein sources that are non-conventional and meat replacements.

Food waste issues and their solutions are also discussed, along with a much-needed debate over the use of cannabis in current society.

Choi admits that the job can be devastating, especially when he sees institutions shut down due to lack of funding or resources.

But as he says with a smile ’The show must go on.’ His mission to change the world in its food culture is portrayed beautifully through the course of this series.  

Broken Bread Cast & Watch Online Details (Below)

Since this show is based on the travels on Roy Choi, it features him exclusively throughout the show. His previous shows include the wildly popular Chef (2014), Katy Perry Feat. Migos: Bon Appetit (2017) and Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life (2016). In view of his repeated contributions to the food industry, he is also fondly called Chef Roy Choi.

So can you watch Broken Bread online for free or not? Yes, my friend you can and here is how you can do it.

Where to Watch Broken Bread Roy Choi online for free?

Luckily, this one can be found for free at several platforms.

  • On May 21, the show will debut on various platforms like Link TV, Direct TV and Dish Network, where subscribers can watch the show for free.
  • is also hosting all episodes of the show, which can be streamed online.
  • Download the free PBS app and gain complete and free access to all episodes of the series.
  • You can also wait for its premiere on Hulu or Netflix. It is expected that this show will eventually wind up in this repository.

And there you have it! Get ready to walk down this wonderful journey of food intertwining with various aspects of our daily life and many diverse issues of today’s society.

Broken Bread Production and Development Details

The series was developed in collaboration with the PBS channel KCET, set in South California. Arrangements were also made to have it stream on Tastemade’s TV streaming platform.

Restaurants like A-Frame, Pot, and Chego were roped in for filming locations since the owners had spearheaded several food justice campaigns in the past.

The first episode of the show premiered at the Wiltern where the Los Angeles Times’ Food Bowl was being held. Choi moderated a panel discussion that covered various topics relating to how food can cut across cultures and bring burning issues into the light.

More updates to watch Broken Bread online for free are on their way. So stick around.

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