Buddy Vs Duff Premiere Date and Cast

buddy vs duff
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“Buddy Vs Duff” is an upcoming reality television show. It is for the first time that such two big names of the food industry are going to face each other.

However, they have to go through various challenges in the attempt of going one on one.

The show is all about two famous baking chefs in the food industry. These two chefs are going to face each other for the crown of greatest in the baking field.

However, it is not going to be settling in a single round of the show. In addition, both of the chefs have to go through the various challenges to overcome each other in the show.

These artists of the food industry have to demonstrate such creativity to overshadow the work of the rival. However, they have to present their work in the full artistic way.

Moreover, this show is going to test the technique, designing skills, presenting skills and most importantly the taste of their work. These all measuring criteria are going to be tested in the total of two rounds per episode.

The show competition is going to be 6 months long. As it is enough time for declaring the best in the baking part of the food industry.

The show is going to be quite popular as the audience are recognizing that both the chefs are the biggest name in the cake industry of the baking world. Moreover, it is for the first time that two baking icons are going head to head.

The show is going to be remarkable and surely going to have jaw-dropping events in the episodes of the show.

Moreover, Buddy vs Duff is going to end up one of the greatest feuds in the baking industry.

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Buddy Vs Duffy Premiere Date

As the competition is on, so the show “Buddy Vs Duffy” is with its premiere on March.

The battle is on as both the chefs are ready to take each other one on one. This is for the first time that two such big names of the baking industry are facing each other.

The production work for the show started in 2018 so that the show can be premiered in 2019.

However, in the shooting of the show, both of the chefs have to prepare the goodies for the hungry patrons. Moreover, they even have to satisfy the morning crowd of the famous donut shop of Los Angeles “Randy’s Donuts”.

In addition, the good news is that the authority of the show is clear for the premiere date of the show. As the show is premiering on the 10th of March 2019.

So the second Sunday of March 2019 is going to be one of the major events in the baking industry. Not only the baking industry but this competition is going to special for each individual viewer of the show “Buddy Vs Duff”.

The show is going to be available only for the Food Network viewers. However, one can even view this show in the official Food Network website.

It may take some time for the audience who are wishing to view the episodes of the show on the official website as these episodes may be uploaded a bit later after airing in the television network.

Cast Of Buddy Vs Duff

As the name of the show is describing the cast or we can say that the contestants in the show.

The stage is set for this fierce competition. The winner is going to be having the acknowledgment of the best baking chef in the world.

Throughout this competition show Buddy vs Duff, both of the chefs have are going to impress various people. Not only the authority of the show, but the cast also have to impress various other people like baking cake for the wedding, creating desserts for different parties and many more.

So the cast and the contestants in the show are the following famous personalities of the food industry.

Duff Goldman

Jeffrey Adam “Duff” Goldman is a famous pastry chef and a television personality. However, Duff has a good early start for his career as at the age of only 4 he was found swinging a meat cleaver in the kitchen by his mother. He was doing so while watching a cooking show on the television.

buddy vs duff cast

Moreover, Duff got his kick of staring his career professionally at the age of just 14. When he was working professionally at a bagel shop. Now you will see him in Buddy vs Duff competing with Buddy as Duff.

He is the executive chef of the “Charm City Cake” shops. He opened his dream shop in 2002 after quitting his day job.

Other than baking, Duff is also a musician who plays bass in the band “Danger Ace” and even un the indie band “Sand Ox”.

However, it is not the first time that Duff is on the Food Network. He has been featuring in the show “Ace of Cakes” which is running for about 10 seasons.

He is also been into many other cooking shows.

Buddy Valastro

Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr. is an American celebrity chef, entrepreneur and even the television personality of the Italian heritage.

buddy vs duff cast

Baking is in the blood of Buddy as he has been learning the art of baking from his father. He started learning his skills at an early age at his father’s bakery.

However, he is the face and the owner of the “Carlo’s Bakery”.

Buddy is quite a master in “Over the top” cakes and also in the authentic Italian pastries. He is quite known as the television personality for the reality television show “Cake Boss” which was airing earlier in the month of April 2009.

However, he has been into many other shows as the host, judge and even as the mentor in the show. Other than being a personality he is the producer and executive producer of many cooking shows.

So this is it for Buddy Vs Duff Cast. Just wait for some time because more updates are on their way. We will soon roll them out here. So stay tuned.

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