Canada Junior Hockey Team Bus Crash

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This Friday in Saskatchewan  Province of Canada and the horrible accident took place. The accident happened as the bus carrying 28 people crashed with a truck.

The 28 people in the bus were including the Bus Driver along with some Canada Junior Hockey Team Members as passengers.

According to the sources, members from Humboldt Broncos were going to Saskatchewan for a Junior Hockey League. Nobody thought that the day of Junior Hockey League will turn in Canada Junior Hockey Team Bus Crash.

canada junior hockey team bus crash

Canada Junior Hockey Team Bus Crash (Check Details!!!)

The accident took place in the north of Tisdale. The bus was carrying 28 passengers. Out of which 14 are killed which is a huge loss to everyone.

The junior hockey team included the member that is between 16 to 20 year old. The whole Broncos is in shock. The team’s president Kevin Garinger also showed his condolence for the team by saying,” Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the families of our staff and athletes as well as to all who have been impacted by this horrible tragedy”.

Justin Trudeau also Tweeted “I cannot imagine what these parents are going through, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy, in the Humboldt community and beyond”.

Everyone is so shocked by this act and we all pray that the families of the victims have the strength to deal with all this.

Canada Hockey Team Bus Accident Deaths

Fourteen members have been killed in the bus accident. All the bodies of the victims are not yet identified. The parents of the victims are in trauma after going through all this.
Names and other details of victims in Canada Junior hockey team bus crash are not available for now.
If we will update the details as soon as we get them in the article.
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