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Cannon Busters Netflix Review ~Characters, Animation & Plot Details

Cannon Buster is an American fantasy book series. LeSean Thomas created this series. However, LeSean Thomas together with Jason Torres written the fantasy book series. Today we are going to do the Cannon Busters Netflix Review. In the following article, we are going to tell you more about the Characters, Animation & Plot details of the show.

Com.x published the first issue of the series book in 2003. However, the authority moved to  Devil’s Due Publishing in 2004. Later on, the series got publishing in 2005 by Devil’s Due.

In addition, the series became a graphic novel in 2009. However, few guest artists were featuring in the graphic novel.

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On 2nd August 2017, Netflix announced its new Anime series “Cannon Busters”. After a long time. On 6th of July 2018, Netflix finally announced the airing date of the new anime show on March 1, 2019.

Cannon Busters Netflix Characters Review

Good characters are the definition of a good anime series. Most of the fans love the well-defined characters in the anime series which always remained a plus point in the Netflix anime series.

Here is the list of main characters which you are going to see in the all-new anime series of the Netflix. So do your Cannon Busters Netflix Review of the Characters by knowing the details of the following characters in the show.

  • Samberry-  is a young girl drone who is in the work to meet her owner Prince Toji.
  • Prince Toji- as name define Toji is the prince of the magical region of the Gearbolt.
  • 9ine- is an alcoholic Ronin. 9ine will be seen as helping Samberry in the search of Prince Toji.
  • Philly the Kid-  in the western region of the Gearbolt he is the youngest wanted criminal. However, the 17 years old Philly the Kid is going to accompany Samberry in quest of finding her owner.
  • Casey Turnbuckle- with admiration of flying Casey is a junk mechanic and an abandoned assistant.
  • Lock- a mysterious man. Who wants to achieve the power of Mora and unlock all the secrets hidden in the region of the Gearbolt.

The characters look fine to me. But you cannot judge a book by its cover. So I may say, we will have to look at the roles of each character to catch the feel of the anime.

Cannon Busters Netflix Animation Review

LeSean Thomas started funding through “Kickstarter” for making the animations of his created fantasy series book “Cannon Busters” in 2014. Later on, with the help of Tim Yoon who was working as the producer of the show “Batman: Under the Red Hood” and “The Legend of Korra” started the animation work. However, Joe Madureira a comic book artist was designing the characters of the fantasy series.

cannon busters netflix review
Image Credit: Series Creators and animators

Satelight Inc. a Japanese animation studio, doing the animations of the series. The animations are not that fancy. You can say there is nothing that special about the animations but it sure does support the overall theme. Anime looks quite clean for now. We will be able to do a more in-depth Cannon Busters Netflix Review of the Animation once it releases.

Moreover, the trailer of the show is out for the viewers by the Netflix. The animations are in 2-D. However, the animations aren’t bad for the fans who are looking forward to this show.

Cannon Buster Netflix Plot Review

The story of the Cannon Buster Netflix anime series is going to revolve around the character Samberry (SAM). Sam is a robot created with looks of a young girl.  Sam is weed out from her owner the Prince of the Gearbolt.

However, Sam starts her quest to find out her owner. In the dangerous journey, Sam gets the help of her new friends in the search of the Prince.

The series is looking overall good for giving it a shot with all these characters and storyline. Moreover 2-D animations like other general animes. In my opinion, one must give a shot to the first few episodes of the series. If everything goes well then stick with it if not then there is no harm in moving on.

So more updates about the anime will soon roll in. So make sure you stick with us for the latest updates on Cannon Buster Netflix Review. See you soon.

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