Dance Deewane Online Voting

Dance Deewane Online Voting

Colors TV is going to come up with its new show Dance Deewane. Check the article to know all the latest details of Dance Deewane Online Voting and many more here at

Dance Deewane Online Voting

As everyone knows, the new dance show so Colors ‘Dance Deewane’ is going on air very soon. The show already started the auditions for the final contestant list. After the selections of final contestants is done. You will see those contestants participating in the show. They will be competing against each other in their respective age group. The survival of the contestants is in the hands of the viewers by Dance Deewane Online Voting. The audience of the show will be the one saving the contestants by voting for them online. Take a look at one of the Promo of Dance Deewane here:

Dance Deewane Online voting is essential to make sure your favorite contestant stays in the show. The show format of Dance Deewane is unique and different from other dancing reality shows of India. The show will select contestants from different age groups. Then the contestant will compete in their groups. In the end, the best contestants from each age group will face each other for the Dance Deewane Title.

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Dance Deewane Contestants 2018

Dance Deewane Voot App Voting

The voting process of Dance Deewane is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is to download the official Voot App and proceed with Dance Deewane online voting. You can follow these steps in order to do Dance Deewane Voot App Voting:

  • First, download the official Voot App from Google Play store. (Click here to download Voot App)
  • Open the app and register yourself with your email account.
  • Now log in with the registered account. 
  • In the search bar, type “Dance Deewane Voting” to proceed.
  • Now select the name of the contestant you want to vote for.
  • Cast your votes and hit ‘Submit‘ to finish “Dance Deewane Online Voting”.

This is will be doing in order to do Dance Deewane Voot App voting. The whole online voting process is kept simple so that anyone can cast their votes. We hope that you will also vote and keep supporting the Dance Deewane Contestants as the show progresses.

Dance Deewane Voting Polls and Vote Result

The contestant list of Dance Deewane is not finalized yet. Once the show starts running with full action, the polls and vote results of Dance Deewane will be updated here in the article. Every week Dance Deewane online voting will be done. And according to those voting polls, the show will decide which contestants will proceed further.

Dance Deewane Online Voting

So stick with us in order to get the latest updates from infogranny about dance deewane voting results and many more. For now, all we can do is to wait for the list of final contestants to arrive. Once it is done, the official announcement will be done by the show.

Dance Deewane Live Voting

As you know, the trend of live voting in reality shows is quite popular these days. Keeping this in mind, Dance Deewane may also introduce the live voting method for the viewers. Live voting surely helps in engaging audience. But for now there is no news from the show making any official statements about live voting in Dance Deewane Online voting procedure.

This may happen in special events that the show may organize live voting for the contestants. If any such thing happens, we will update all the live voting details like how to vote, voting time, etc, here.

Dance Deewane Contestants Voting

Names of the contestants that will be nominated for voting will be available on voot app. All you need to do is go follow the steps given above and you will find the name of the contestant you want to vote for. You will only be able to vote for contestants that are in the nominations and are part of the show.

Names of the contestants that performed earlier will be available for voting. So you won’t find any problem or difficulty in voting for the contestants.

Make sure you vote for the contestants and help them win the show. The most talented one will go home with Dance Deewane Title in his/her hands. So don’t forget to do Dance Deewane Online voting.

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