Dance Deewane Registration 2018

Dance Deewane Registration 2018

Check: Dance Deewane Registration 2018, How to apply in Dance Deewane, Dance Deewane Auditions 2018, Registration From for Dance Deewane, Eligibility Details, Audition Dates, Time & Venue of Dance Deewane Audition and many more. comes with the latest updates of all the running and upcoming reality shows. So make sure you stick with us to know all the latest details of ” Dance Deewane Registration 2018 “.

Dance Deewane Auditions 2018 and Show Details

Colors TV is going to come with a brand new dancing reality show for its viewers. The show is Dance Deewane and is going to air in a couple of upcoming months. The channel decided to come up with this big package this year in 2018. The Dance Deewane Auditions 2018 has already started and selection process is in progress now.

The show has quite unique and yet exciting concept which makes it different from other shows out there. In Dance Deewane, the dancing competition will be done between three age groups:

  • Children: Kids above 4 years of age are going to compete against each other.
  • Adults: Youngsters above the age of 18 will come in this group.
  • Seniors: This will include contestants that are in their 30’s or more.

Dance Deewane Registration 2018

After the Dance Deewane Registration 2018 finishes. Contestant from each age group will face the auditions. After that, the selected contestant will compete among their respective age groups. In the end, one contestant from each age group will be selected to compete against the best of other age group. Then the one who wins the competition will take the title.

Check the Registration Form for Dance Deewane Audition 2018 below in the article!!!

Dance Deewane Audition Dates and Venues

The show is going to organize the auditions in different parts of the country. Make sure you don’t miss the auditions for Dance Deewane if you want to participate in the show. Read the details below in order to know about the Dance Deewane Audition 2018 Dates and Venues:

Audition Date Audition Place
31st of March, 2018 Jaipur
1st of April, 2018 Ranchi
2nd of April, 2018 Agra
3rd of April, 2018 Indore
4th of April, 2018 Lucknow
5th of April, 2018 Bhopal
6th of April, 2018 Dehradun
7th of April, 2018 Bhupneshwar
8th of April, 2018 Amritsar
9th of April, 2018 Raipur
10th of April, 2018 Ludhiana
13th of April, 2018 Guwahati
15th of April, 2018 Silliguri
17th of April, 2018 Shillong
20th of April, 2018 Kolkata
28th of April, 2018 Delhi
5th of May, 2018 Mumbai
More Dates to be updated More audition Places to be updated

Audition Timings: The auditions for Dance Deewane 2018 are going to start after 8:00 AM.

Dance Deewane Eligibility for Registration

  • Minimum age of the applicant should be 4 years old.
  • Applicant should have all the required documents.
  • Applicant should have a clean track record.
  • He/She should be a resident of India.
  • Applicant should have valid copies of age and identification proofs.

If you meet these requirements then you can freely do the Dance Deewane Registration 2018 without any problem. Just make sure you have your Adhaar Card and a couple of passport size photos during audition.

Dance Deewane Registration 2018 (Application Form)

Auditions for Dance Deewane have started already. So you should hurry up for your chance in the show too. Do the Dance Deewane Registration 2018 online and get yourself ready for the auditions. Just be prepared and follow these instructions in order to fill the online application from for registration in Dance Deewane 2018:

Dance Deewane Registration 2018

  • Now a form will appear on screen asking general personal and contact details.
  • Fill all those details carefully.
  • Now attach your audition video which should be less than 3 minutes.
  • Proceed with the registration and hit ‘Submit’ to finish.

This is all you need to do in order to get registered for the Dance Deewane Auditions.

Note: Make sure you fill all the personal details carefully. Filling the wrong information will lead to disqualification from the auditions. So make sure you do it carefully.

This was all for Dance Deewane Registration 2018. More information will be updated as the auditions progresses. So don’t wait for anything. The auditions are running and will be over soon. Make sure you don’t miss this golden chance to showcase your dancing talent.

The contestant list of Dance Deewane will be updated here so stick around.

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