dance moms season 8 auditions

Dance Moms Season 8 Auditions ~Apply Now Using This Easy Method

The 8th season of your favorite American dance reality show is back. However, it originally debuted on Lifetime television network. If you think your kid has a bright dancing career then you can apply for the Dance Moms Season 8 Auditions.

Dance Moms was first aired on 13 July 2011.

The show describes the path of the participants to chase the dream of winning the ultimate national dance title.

Set in the studio of Abby Lee Dance Academy. The show also follows the active interplay between the participants and their mother. And even when Abby Lee Miller tries to bring the best from the participants through her instructions.

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The show is about the Miller who tries to teach the participants. However, at the end of each week, Miller ranks the participants. The ranking is done on the basis of their performance, efforts, attitude and even behavior of the participant and her mother.

If you want to be the participant in the 8th season of the show then you can apply for its casting.

Scroll down to know about the casting of the show and how to apply.

How to Apply For Dance Moms Season 8 Auditions?

If you think that your kid can outshine the other participants. And You have fulfilled the eligibility criteria. Then you can apply for the Dance Moms Season 8 auditions so that you can be the part of the show.

You can participate in the following categories:

  1. MINIS- Participant must at the age of 7-9.
  2. JUNIORS- Participant must at the age of 10-12.

To apply for the show you must follow the steps described below.

  • First of all, you need to visit the application form website. (Link is Provided Below) 
  • Then on the application webpage read the instructions and if you have any queries you can mail to the described mail address.
  • If you don’t have any queries then click on ‘Register Now’ button.
  • You will be moved to the main application form.
  • In the main application form, you have to fill the name, age, and date of birth of the participant, mother, and father.
  • Then you have to describe if  Abby Lee has ever seen participant compete if don’t then just type ‘no‘.
  • Then you have to provide the two YouTube link of the best solo dance of the participants.
  • Continuing on, you have to mention the other details like the strong and weak dance style of the participant. And other details asked in the form.
  • Then you have to provide the described photographs in the application form.

You have successfully filled the application form. If you are selected you will be called for the final callback auditions.

(Click here to get the FORM)

Dance Moms 2019 Auditions Eligibility:

If you want to be part of Dance Moms Season 8 Auditions then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • You must be serious about competing at the national level.
  • Participant must be the resident of United States.
  • You should fall under the age of 7 to 12.
  • You must be available for the final callback on September 8-9.
  • At the of filling up the application, you must have the latest solo photo of the participant and mother. Even the latest photograph of participant and mother together.

So these are the conditions you are required to meet in order to appear in the Dance Moms Season 8 auditions. More information is on its way. So make sure you stay tuned with us.

dance moms season 8 auditions
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producer

What about the ratings of the show?

The previous seasons of the Dance Moms did not have quite a good rating. So we can expect that the show will try to do better. Maybe they introduce some changes in the current format or something new. This will help the show refresh everything for its audience.

So, I will say, if you are expecting something unexpected then this may be the right season for you. Make sure you look forward to Dance Moms Season 8 Auditions and participate in the show.

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