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Delhi Crime Netflix Watch Online For Free

About Delhi Crime Netflix Watch Online:

Delhi Crime is an upcoming dark drama web series based on true events by Netflix. However, “Richie Mehta” is the creator of this true event tv show. Moreover, she is also the director and writer of this dark drama show.

The show is going to discover all the facts of the investigation. However, these facts can be a little dramatized.

The show is going to start with all the sad but true events. Moreover, the first season of the show is going to have 7 episodes.

The show is going to take viewers back to that day when the world cried. As the show is all about the “Nirbhaya rape case”.

On a cold night in December in Delhi, when the girl was going back to her home. However, she was harassed by a group of unknown people in a bus.

Later on, after beating the girl and her friend those unknown men started raping that girl. However, they did not stop after abusing and raping her they broke all the differences between human and evil. As they put an iron rod inside of that girl.

Later on, they threw both of the victims on the road and left the scene. However, after filling the FIR and with all media and pressure from local people made the police and government to find those criminals as soon as possible.

Sadly after the death of the victim made the world on their feet.

Now, the show is going to reveal all these investigation incidents of this true story based show.

Shefali Shah is going to be in the leading role of the show. So read more about Delhi Crime Netflix Watch Online below.

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Delhi Crime Netflix Watch Online

As the show is having the Indian location so the show is going to have “Hindi” as its original language. Moreover, the show is also going to available in the English audio.

The show was in the run when the director of the show was in conversation with the former Police Commissioner of Delhi. However, it took a long time for gaining all the legal facts for the show. Initially, the director thought of making a movie but the length of was quite big for the margin of a movie. So this led to the thought that many people will hesitate to watch Delhi Crime Netflix online.

watch delhi crime online

So the director decided to describe each day from 16 December 2012 to 21 December 2012 in each episode of the show.

As the show is going to be broadcasted by Netflix in more other regions of the world.

Show Theme (Reason to Watch it Online)

The show is been in the dark theme. As the show is going to reveal the true events of the Delhi rape case. In addition, the show is going to be more focus on the investigation of the criminals.

This show is not going to be wonderful for the low hearted people. As said by “Ben Traver” that “An expertly told, hard-to-watch true crime series, Delhi Crime won’t be for everyone, but it won’t let go of anyone who watches”

How to watch Delhi Crime Netflix show online for free?

The show is only going to be available for Netflix users. So one has to be the user of Netflix’s premium services. Some other website may also have the show. But we recommend you to watch it from the official resource.

You can make the most out of it by getting the first 30 days free trial watch Delhi Crime Netflix Online.

More updates are on their way so stay tuned and comment what you think about the show.

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