Destiny 2 Latest Update

Destiny 2 Latest Update (Crimson Days going live)

There is a good news for all the Destiny 2 gamers. The news is that the Destiny 2 Latest Update is out. The update is having everything from ghosts to new firepower. Although the stuff may seem a lot to unlock, everything is provided for a limited time.

Even then it is the duty of a die-hard Destiny 2 player to be informed with the latest news. The Crimson days are live for all the players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You will save the earth with even more fun with the Destiny 2 latest update.

Destiny 2 Latest Update

Destiny 2 Latest Update Details [Rewards, new gears and new activity]

The Valentine’s Update of Destiny 2 was quite fun to play. The valentine update had these included:

  • Latest new Ghosts
  • New Sparrows
  • Weapon Shaders and the armors were also updated
  • The Scout Sniper came with more weapon ornaments
  • The update also gifted these ornaments with automatic rifles.

Although the update was quite good, it lacked some stuff. Everyone noticed that the hand cannons were kinda left out. With this in mind, the developers planned the Crimson Days for the Gamers.

Just play the mentioned Crucible game mode to benefit from the Crimson days’ Destiny 2 Latest Update. Illuminated Engram will be given to the normal players.

A new 2v2 crucible playlist will also be included for more fun in the game.

But if you are playing on level 20 or you are on level 25 with Curse of Osiris, you will be rewarded with special Crimson engrams.

How to unlock things by finishing off Tasks and objectives

Engrams are important to take advantage of the Destiny 2 Latest update. But you can complete the following tasks to unlock the latest stuff of the Crimson Update. Following are the objectives in order to unlock new items and all on Destiny 2 crimson days:

  • Nightfall Strike should be finished to unlock Flaunting Dance Emote.
  • Five Crimson Day matches should be finished and then you need to talk to Shaxx to unlock Tirastrella Ghost Shell & Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem.
  • Finish off Crucible playlist matches in order to unlock Undeterred Exotic Sparrow.
  • After completing Leviathan Raid you will find this chest ‘Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for Wardcliff Coil’.

This is all that goes for Destiny 2 Latest Update. Crimson Days are live until the weekly reset on 20th of Feb.

Hope you enjoy the game. Let us know what you think of the update and share this post to let others know too.

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