dogs of berlin netflix series

Dogs Of Berlin Netflix Series

After the success of ‘Dark’, Netflix is back again with its second original German content “Dogs of Berlin Netflix series”.

It is the first season of the show without any confirmation of future seasons.

Production of series started back in November 2017 and is now ready to air on December 7, 2018, only at Netflix.

Dogs of Berlin Netflix Series Cast

  • Felix Kramer (Kurt Grimmer)
  • Fahri Yardim (Erol Birkan)
  • Katrin Sass
  • Anna Maria Mühe
  • Sebastian Zimmler
  • Deniz Orta
  • Katharina  Schüttler
  • Kais Setti
  • Mohammad Issa
  • Antonio Wannek
  • Imad Mardnli
  • Hannah Herzsprung
  • Jasna Fritzi Bauer
  • Uwe Preuss
  • Mišel Matičević

Starring Fahri Yardim best known for his role as Hüseyin in the movie Almanya: Welcome to Germany. Fahri will be seen as playing the role of Erol Birkan a police officer, he will be sharing the screen with Felix Kramer who will play the role of Kurt Grimmer. Anna Maria Mühe awarded with “Goldene Kamera” for best newcomer will also be seen in the show.

Single camera mode of production or single camera setup has been used in the filming of the series.

Dogs of Berlin Netflix series is created by Christian Alvart. With so many talented actors in the series surely is surely going to amaze the German fans.  

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Dogs of Berlin Netflix Series Release Date

Produced by Sigi Kamml, production released the pictures of the show in April 2018. Being the second German Netflix original content after the success of their previous original production ‘Dark’ has increased the hype of the show. Positive reviews were given by the fans after the announcement of the show.

Each episode will have the runtime of about an hour.

‘Dogs of Berlin’ is going to air on 7th December 2018 and will be available only on Netflix’s subscribers around the world.

Dogs of Berlin Netflix Series Plot

Series having only ten number of episodes in its debut season. Syrreal Entertainment serving as the production company under the Netflix banner.

German as the original language in the show, the plot follows two policemen Fahri Yardim (Erol Birkan) and Felix Kramer (Kurt Grimmer).

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When a famous international footballer ‘Orkan Erdem’ of German–Turkish descent murdered by some unknown force, suspecting some fans of a footballer, Berlin mafia, neo-Nazis from Marzahn and even the family members of the footballer. This evidence could also lead to the top order of the offices in the capital.

Both Erol Birkan and Kurt Grimmer two very different unconventional police officers team up together to investigate the sensitive murder case fighting the underworld and digging deep into the city that assaults them with their own criminal activities.  

Dogs of Berlin Netflix Series Trailer

The trailer has not been announced by the authority of the show till now.

dogs of berlin netflix series
Image Credit: Netflix and Creator of the Show

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But Netflix has revealed the date announcement clip of the show over the YouTube platform.  Announcement clip describing the different scenarios and purpose for the murder of the football star. Leading to different peoples and organization in search for evidence and motive that leads to a high sensitive murder case.

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