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Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 ~ Check Premiere, Cast and Details of the Show in 2019

The wait is over for the 7th season of the show. Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 is ready for its run. However, this time Kim Zolciak Biermann is having a baby in her womb. Moreover, for the confirmation of this beautiful news, Kim used her Instagram account.

She was indicating multiple times that she is going to again get blissful particularly with a baby boy. In addition, she even confirmed about her baby boy while in an interview when she mistakenly reveals the gender of the baby in her womb.

It is an American reality television series. It follows the life of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann and their little family.

Even there are controversies going about the marriage of the cast. It may even light up the show.

There were some interesting facts that in this season  Kim might be not using her wig. Yeah, you read it correctly. Kim was using a wig for the shooting of the episodes of the show.

However, this season she can be in her natural hairs. As she was getting a suggestion by her hair stylist.

The has been completing the shooting of the episodes in multiple camera setup. Generally, this kind of setup is useful in describing more aspects and a clear image of the surrounding.

However, for this season also the show is going to get a recording in this multiple camera setup.

The show was originally having the title of “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” but was changed to just “Don’t Be Tardy”.

If you want to explore more about the latest upcoming season of the show. Then just scroll down to know more about the show without getting any spoilers.

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Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 Details

The show generally doesn’t have any plot or a story in a particular way.

Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 will follow life of a couple who are trying to raise their kids with some other family situations like most of the couples face.

The show started when both the stars of the show were ready to tie the knot of the marriage.

Later on, growing their kids.

However, this season is going to follow the move out of Brielle as she is turning 21 and is going through a recent break-up.

This season is going to be filled up with more drama as Kim stated about some tension growing between her mother. And even with her best friend.

Let us just hope that the show is going to be a more entertainment package for the viewers.

Don’t Be Tardy 2019 Premiere Date

The show promises that the latest upcoming season is going to be even more amazing. It is going to be having a  lot of drama. With having an expected baby in the show.

In April 2018, the authority of the show was completely exaggerating with the announcement of the renewal of the show for the seventh time.

Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 Air Date: 17 February 2019

don't be tardy season 7
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

The first edition of the show was airing on 26th of April 2014. The first season was having a total of 9 episodes. However, the final episode of the debut season was airing on 14 of June 2012.

Similarly to first debut season of the show, the second season was airing in the month of April in 2012. However, the second was having a total of 12 episodes in the show.

For the second season, the hype of the show got amazingly high after the statement of the Kim.

Later on, from the second season of the show, every season was having a total of 12 episodes in its every season.

And the latest upcoming season of Don’t Be Tardy might also be having a similar amount of season as its previous 5 seasons.

Now, the premiere date of the latest edition of the show has been having a confirm signal by the producers of the show.

And Season 7 of Don’t Be Tardy is going to premiere on 17 February 2019. It will be originally airing on “Bravo Television Network” at  9/8c.

It can get even lucky for fans, as fans might be getting a dual episode release of the 7th season on its premiere day.

The show is going to be having a two picture format for the viewers. One is 480i in standard definition (SDTV) and other is 1080i that is a high-definition television (HDTV).

Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 Cast 2019

The show is quite popular with having two starring people.

Having the story revolving around them. When the leading artists are managing to revolve around their family in the most beautiful way.

However, as Don’t Be Tardy is a reality show. Therefore, the cast of the show is playing themselves in the show.

don't be tardy season 7 cast
Kim Zolciak Biermann in Don’t Be Tardy

Without wasting much time let up jump to know about the cast of the Don’t Be Tardy Season 7:

  • Kim Zolciak Biermann- Kim is a famous American Television personality. She is well-known for this show. However, she has also had the appearance in the another Bravo TV show named “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.She is one of the original housewives that has appeared in the show. Moreover, she is quite cheerful as like she might never have a dull moment in her life. She owns a widely successful skin care company “Kashmere Kollections” which she had named after his son Kash.

(Wikipedia Details of Kim Zolciak Biermann)

  • Kroy Biermann- However, he is having appearances in this only show. But he also is quite famous for his 9 years of his football career. After meeting Kim at a dance party they both fell in love and after a year around they got married. Now, Kroy is expanding his business and raising his kids which he might do for a while.

Other than these two the cast of the show follows their other family members and their kids.

More updates about Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 are going to roll in soon. So don’t miss out any of them and stay tuned with Infogranny.

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