Dragon Ball Super Ending

Dragon Ball Super Ending (Check Latest Details now!!!!!)

Well, I know it sucks but yes. Dragon Ball Super Ending is near. The news is not quite what you want to hear but no one can hide the truth. The series is one of the greatest the anime industry has right now. Everyone knows that many of the fans don’t want the series to stop now. Dragon Ball Super airs on FujiTV in Japan. But in a recent interview of FujiTV, the channel made it quite clear that Dragon Ball Super is going to end in March.

Dragon Ball Super Ending

Reason Behind Dragon Ball Super Ending

However, the news is sad for the fans but the reason is valid. The Toei animation is working on a new project. The project is a movie which is going to be released in the month of December. The movie is named as ‘Origin of Saiyans’. 

This is because the movie is going to take a lot of work. Toei animation decided to bind Dragon Ball Super for now. Since it takes a lot of time to work on a single episode of Dragon Ball Super. The company is not able to focus on the movie.

A new series GeGeGe no Kitaro will replace Dragon Ball Super on FujiTV. Let’s see if this series gets any love or not. As the movie is based on the Saiyans, no Z fighters are expected to be present in the movie.

This is the reason that the voice artists of Goku and Piccolo are working in GeGeGe no Kitaro.

When is Dragon Ball Super Ending?

According to the sources, the last episode of Dragon Ball Super is going to air on 25th of March. The 131st episode of Dragon Ball Super is said to be its last one.

Dragon Ball Super Ending

After the ending of Dragon Ball Super. The new anime series GeGeGe no Kitaro is going to start from 1st of April. The news is true as the newspapers in Japan are also supporting the statement.

Will there be any sequel to Dragon Ball Super?

Everyone knows how big the series was. Toei animation cannot just stop the series which is generating such huge income. Even though they want to work for the movie. We will be seeing another related series of Dragon Ball Super in future.

As the movie is expected to release in December 2018. Chances are that we will see the next part of Dragon Ball Super in 2019 maybe with a different name. However, the channel and the company has not given any statement regarding the sequel to Dragon Ball Super. But everyone knows what Dragon Ball Series mean to the viewers.

Dragon Ball Super Ending

So don’t worry, most probably they will come out with the series next year. Till then, the fans can take a look at the new anime ‘GeGeGe no Kitaro‘ and wait for the movie ‘Origin of Saiyans‘ to release.

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