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Dus Ka Dum App Download Details are provided in the article. The viewers are going to use the app for playing Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan online. There are a lot of surprises waiting for the Sony TV viewers this year. Follow the article to know the latest details about the Season 3 of Dus Ka Dum.

Dus Ka Dum season 3 is one of the most awaited shows of Sony TV this year. The show is very popular because of Salman Khan as its host. The show already has 2 successful seasons. Both of them were quite fun and were greatly loved by the viewers. The show has a quite unique concept and amazing questionnaire for the participants.

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Dus Ka Dum SonyLiv App (Play Online)

The show recently releases a promo starring Salman Khan. The promo is out to tell the audience that they can play with Salman Khan himself now. All you need to do is to have an access to Dus Ka Dum App. You can play through the app similarly as the contestants do in the show. SonyLiv app is going to allow users to play alongside.

dus ka dum app download

The users can win exciting prizes, vouchers, bumper prizes, various accessories and many more just by doing “Dus Ka Dum app download”. The app is going to be a new revolution in the history of Indian reality Television. Such thing is never done before and this year, the show coming back for good after such a long pause.

Dus Ka Dum App Download – How to Play Online

The whole process is quite simple and easy. If are looking to have fun by playing from home. You can follow these steps to play Dus Ka Dum Online with Salman Khan:

  • You may first download the SonyLiv App from Play Store. (Click here to download Sony Liv App)
  • Now look for ‘Dus Ka Dum Registration 2018‘.
  • Image of Salman Khan saying “Show pr mere saath khelne k liye idhar click kijiye” will appear.
  • Click on the “Click Here” Button below that message and proceed.
  • Another screen will appear showing options regarding playing the game, like how to play, start playing, etc.
  • Now register your self-using your email or Facebook account to play.
  • Now sign in and start playing the game while watching the show.

This is all you need to do in order to play online by Dus Ka Dum App download. The app revolution is surely going to bring quite a change in the show format of Dus Ka Dum.

Dus Ka Dum Vote Online and Participate in the Show

As the show is trying to increase user engagement, it may come up with more such ideas. The show this time may also include voting for the answers from the app.

As everyone knows, the show includes very general questions. The answers are usually in percentage or a simple yes or no.

This time the show may include that whenever Salman asks any question. The audience will get a chance to vote for the answer from home. Earlier it was the live audience who used to do this. But with the introduction of App this time it may change to everyone.

But the news is not official. More information regarding the online playing by Dus Ka Dum App Download will be updated. Till then, all we can do is to wait for official notification from the Channel.

Dus Ka Dum Winning Prizes

All you need to do is to keep playing and answer the questions rightly in order to win. Following are the prizes you can expect to win the show:

  • 1 Bumper Prize
  • 10 Sony Bravia Televisions
  • 25 Sony Home Theatre Systems
  • 300 Sony Bluetooth Speakers
  • 1000 small accessories like headphones, etc

Paid membership of SonyLiv App can also be given the show for free.

You should surely look for Downloading Dus Ka Dum App and win some exciting prizes.

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