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Ellen’s Game Of Games Tickets ~How to Buy Tickets Online in 2019?

Ellen’s Game Of Games is a famous American game show. This American game show was first premiered on 18 December 2017. However, the show was first telecasted on January 2, 2018. It was the first season of the show. In addition, the first season was having a total eight number of episodes. Today we are going to discuss how can you get Ellen’s Game of Games Tickets online.

NBC Television Network telecasts the first season of the show. Ellen DeGeneres created the show.

The show is all about contestant participating in the preliminary rounds. After that, winning contestants will move further to next rounds.

Here participants can win the grand prize of 100,000 dollars.

Many different international versions were created of the show.

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How To Buy Ellen’s Game Of Games Tickets?

You can also buy Ellen’s Game of Games tickets for attending the show. Where you can watch the live performance of the contestants.

To buy the tickets follow the given instructions-

  • Visit the official website. (Link provided below)
  • Then click on tickets.
  • Now select the date of your choice and then fill out the ticket request form.
  • If tickets are available it will be provided to you.

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Ellen’s Game Of Games Premiere Date 2019

The first edition of the show was premiering on 2 January 2018. After that, the final episode was airing on 6 February 2018.

8 million plus people watched the first season of the show. A lot of people bought Ellen’s Game Of Games Tickets. Therefore, the second season of the show is on a run.

In addition, the second season of the show is going to be on an early run. Authority announced that the season is going to air on January 8, 2018.

The 2019 Premiere date is not fixed for now. But I am quite sure that the show is going to air in the early first quarter of 2019.

Ellen’s Game Of Games Plot

The Ellen’s Game Of Games Tickets will get you to see the contestants participating to outsmart all the other contestants. Therefore, to win the prize money of 100,000 dollars.

Each episode contains the participants to compete in the preliminary rounds. After that, to compete in the semi-final rounds of the show.

Then the remaining participants will compete in the final round of the show.

Ellen’s Game Of Games Preliminary Rounds 2019

Preliminary rounds consist of total 13 tasks required by the participants to qualify. In addition, to move to the next rounds of the show. After you buy Ellen’s Game of Games Tickets, you will see the contestants going through these preliminary rounds.

List of all preliminary rounds in the show are-

  • Aw Snap-  In this contestant have to move the five apples with the help of their teeth.
  • Blindfolded Musical Chair-  Here participant have to compete in the musical chairs to move to the next round of the show.
  • Danger Word- In this two pair of the contestants compete against each other in order to find the winning word. In addition to moving to the further stages in the show.
  • Dizzy Dash- In this contestants have to move to the nearest podium to answer the trivia questions asked. First to answer move to the next rounds.
  • Don’t Leave Me Hanging- Here three participants are suspending in the air. Contestants have to guess the answer. If contestant takes too much time to respond or give the wrong answer gets a strike. However, three strikes lead to the elimination of the participant.

and many more like that other preliminary rounds are played.

Ellen’s Game of Games ~ Final Rounds

Winner of these Preliminary rounds move to the “Know or Go”  round.

ellen's game of games tickets
Image Credit: NBC Show Creators and Producers

In this round questions from a variety of topics are asked. Every wrong answer leads to the elimination from the show. And this stage continues until one contestant remains standing in the quiz.

Then the last remaining contestant plays the “Hot Hand”. Where a contestant has to figure out the celebrity name with the help of their pictures assigned to them. Each correct answer leads the finalist to a certain prize money.

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