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Epic Yellowstone Documentary Host & Plot

Epic Yellowstone is an upcoming documentary tv program. “Smithsonian Channel” is holding the rights of the show as the show is under its upcoming program list. However, this documentary is all about one of the oldest and famous national park in the world.

Moreover, the show is going to take the viewers in an amazing 4K adventure of nature.

The show is a 4 part project which is going to use the ‘thermal images’, ‘drone images’, ‘timelapse’, ‘hidden nest cameras’, and many more.

As the authority of the show reveals about the 3 years of time that took for this gorgeous project. However, with this amount of time in the working of the show makes the people quite interested in the show.

With this sublime adventure of the show “Epic Yellowstone”, the producers of the show is expecting quite a good amount of views for the documentary project.

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Epic Yellowstone Host

As this documentary show is going to make the viewers in the adventure of Yellowstone’s beauty. Moreover, the host of the show is going to present the various aspects of the show.

Other than hosting the show, the host may also be narrating the different scenes and facts about the park in Epic Yellowstone Documentary.

“Bill Pullman” is the host of the show. Moreover, he also reveals that he was always amazed by the beauty of the national park. And he is so happy to bring his adventure to every viewer of the show at their home.

Bill Pullman

Bill James Pullman is an American stage, film, and television actor. His debut film was “Ruthless people” in 1986. Later on, he was part of many more films and shows. Bill is having a masters degree for fine arts in theatre.

bill pullman epic yellowstone documentary

After graduating, he was working as the adjunct professor at “Montana State University”. After this job, he decided to pursue his acting dreams.

However, it was a persuasion by his students to follow the cinema industry. He is having a long list of the titles that he has worked in.

However, at the age of 65, he is still harvesting his dreams. As he completed an adventure for this show”Epic Yellowstone”.

And hopefully, with the amazing acting talent, Bill posses he should go on for far more time in the cinema industry.

Epic Yellowstone Documentary Plot

As the title of the show indicates, the show is going to feature the famous national park in the US. The documentary is going to revolve around the park showing different aspects of it in many ways. The news says that the show has been filmed for over 3 years. This clearly shows that the directors and producers have done some real hard work on the show.

Since the park is famous and has a lot of history around it. It is quite obvious that the show will have a lot to tell about it. To keep is simple the show is a documentary of the park telling what’s going on in the Epic Yellow Stone park.

All animal lovers should absolutely watch this show and embrace the hard work behind it. More updates about the show are on their way. So make sure you stay tuned with us.

Comment down below what you think about the Epic Yellowstone Documentary.

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