explained netflix series

Explained Netflix Series

Going through different changes in the world we often ask how this thing happened. Explained Netflix Series deals with these question which we encounter in some expect of our life.

Explained is a range of social and cultural documentaries which digs into the various topics like E-sports, Weed, and Cryptocurrency.

On every Wednesday Netflix will release the weekly episodes of ‘Explained’.

Explained Netflix Series Narrators

Explained is a documentary series with every episode consist of spreading light to the different subject matter which influenced the whole world.

  • Christian Slater
  • Aasif Mandvi
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Jerry Springer
  • Samira Wiley
  • Kevin Smith
  • Maria Bello
  • Levar Burton
  • Rachel Bloom

Following stars are going to narrate the Explained documentaries.

Earlier episodes are being narrated by Maria Bello an America writer and actress is known for her roles in ‘Payback’, ‘The Mummy: Tomb of Dragon Emperor’ and Samira Wiley is known for ‘’Poussey Washington” in the Netflix Series “Orange is the New Black”.

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Explained Netflix Series Trailer

Vox coming together with Netflix for their new Series naming “Explained” declared their collaboration through various mediums. Official trailer released by Netflix over YouTube on 22nd August 2018.

explained netflix series
Image Credit: Netflix and Official Creators of the Show.

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One of the episodes released on YouTube (most subscribed platform for Vox) by Vox the trailer started showing the curiosity of change in the world through a vast period of time and the next big step in the future. Explaining different topics from ‘Weed’ to ‘female orgasms’ and how they influenced our life.

Declaring all-new episodes will be weekly available to all Netflix subscribers around the globe.

Explained Netflix Series Episodes

Explained Netflix series is from Vox Digs who has released is the first episode named “Monogamy, explained” on YouTube platform on 23rd May 2018.

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After coming together with Netflix, Explained series will be globally distributed by Netflix. Series will be available into four dubbed and 23 subtitled languages.

Each episode will be having a runtime nearly between 15 to 20 minutes discovering the following topics

  1. The Racial Wealth Gap
  2. Designer DNA
  3. Monogamy
  4. K-Pop
  5. Cryptocurrency
  6. Why Diets Fail
  7. The Stock Market
  8. eSports
  9. Extraterrestrial Life
  10. ! (Exclamatory Mark)
  11. Cricket
  12. Weed
  13. Tattoo
  14. Astrology
  15. Can We Live Forever?
  16. The Female Orgasms

Representor of Vox Digs said that if the viewers have liked their episode which was aired on YouTube, then the audience will surely love their new series in collaboration with Netflix.   

Explained Netflix series Plot

Without sticking to a particular topic Explained Netflix Series describes a variety of concepts. It is an out of box concept relying on the idea of spreading light to discover how these things came into existence and suddenly influence the whole world.

As the title explains episodes gives the explanation which is aroused from the viewer’s curiosity for those particular topics of the series.

Series defines a variety of reasons developing and magnifying the documented topic which influenced the whole world.

A general idea of the series can be taken from the Monogamy, explained which was released on youtube.

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