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Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 3 Cast & Premiere Date

Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3 is going to be an American television show. However, it is the spin-off of the franchise “Flip Or Flop”.

The show is all about the couples who purchase the house and then after they self design them and renovate those houses. After, renovating the houses they sell these houses for some amount of profit to run their living.

However, they create their own designs of renovations.

Moreover, both Aubrey and Bristol are opposite to each other but they understand each other’s skill set. They don’t let their opposite personality to come between their work. As Aubrey do the designing and real estate work and Bristol work in the construction part of the house.

However, with their qualities and skill set, they both will provide their gift to their business in Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3.

In the end, they calculate their profit and losses and after that, they work according to it. So to get more profit and creating betting living houses for the customer.

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Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 3 Premiere Date

As the show is the spin-off of the show “Flip or Flop” it focuses on creating and selling the end product. However, as the name of the show suggests it is basically set up in the Vegas region.

The first season of the was premiering on 6th of April 2017. With the good reviews and all the new ideas of renovation, the authority of the show went for the renewal of the second season of “Flip or Flop Vegas”.

And with the success of their ideas and plan the authority has given the green signal for the third season of the show.

The Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3 is premiering on 28th of March 2019.

HGTV is holding the telecasting rights of the show. The show will be available for HGTV subscribers.

However, one can even watch the show on the official HGTV website.

Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 3 Cast

The show is following a couple who do the business of renovating and selling those renovated houses. They are the only cast in the show. There are other similar reality shows in America. One of them is Restored by the Fords. The difference is just that instead of a couple, the show has brother and sister in it.

So you can say both of them are kind of spin-off each other. Just in this show, you are going to see a little bit of romance. So if you want to know about the couple then you are in the right place. Following are the two love birds who are going to do all the building and renovation in the house in Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3 Cast.

Bristol Marunde

Bristol is a professional mixed martial artist. Moreover, he is currently competing in the welterweight category.

He has competed for UFC, International Fight League, Strikeforce, Titan FC and many more. Learning mixed martial arts at a young age, Bristol helped his neighbor by capturing a wanted rapist in 5 states.

briston marunde flip or flop vegas season 3

With a total 26 MMA fights, Bristol came winning in 16 of them having 3 knockouts in them.

Now he is the part of “Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3” and working together with her wife in refurbishing and selling refurbished houses.

Aubrey Marunde

Aubrey is in the real estate business. As her family was in construction work she got the idea to go in this line of business.

She was a gymnastics teacher at the age of 14 and at the age of 19 she owned her own cheerleading gym.

aubrey marunde flip or flop vegas season 3

Aubrey met Bristol after an MMA fight of  Bristol in 2009.

After that in 2010, they started working together in this flipping houses business. So this is the exact same thing you are going to see in Flip or Flop Vegas Season 3.

However, with the offer of HGTV Aubrey is continuing with the show for the third season in a row.

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