God of War PS4 Game

God of War PS4 Game (Check Gameplay now!!!)

All the details regarding the new upcoming God of War PS4 game are provided here!!!

God of War PS4 Game is going to release on 20th of April, 2018. God of War is one of the best gaming series ever produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

God of War PS4 Game

The main character Kratos was very much responsible for the huge popularity of the game. Well, there is a good news for all the God of War lovers then.

God of War for PS4 is going to release soon. The game is in development by Santa Monica Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish the game as always. The game will only release on PlayStation 4 exclusively. Although the game was expected to be named God of War 4, it is named as God of War only.

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God of War PS4 Game Story (Game Plot!!)

The main character Kratos has always been known for his rage. Although he is still strong as always, the things are quite different now. Kratos has a son named Atreus in the game.

After taking his retributive justice from the Olympian Gods and after facing his father Zeus. Kratos now lives with his son in the world of Norse Gods. Story and plot of the game are quite different from previous God of War Games.

The world of Norse Gods is full of monsters and flesh-eating creatures. The character of Kratos is portrayed as a mentor for his child. He acts as a role model for his son and guides him on surviving in that world full of warriors and wild creatures.

God of War PS4 Game

He also has to cope up with the Norse Gods as they know about his contribution to the destruction of Olympus. With the passage of time, Atreus (son of Kratos) gets to know about his father’s past he was unaware of. With time, the son has to decide whether to be like his father or to be himself.

The story quite intriguing to me as Kratos has been shown in a whole new light. God of War PS4 game is going to be a whole new experience for all God of War lovers.

God of War GamePlay PS4 

Gameplay is going to be quite different from previous God of War Games. A new camera angle is present in the game. The game is going to include an over the shoulder third person view.

And many times in the game, you will see son Atreus helping Kratos in combats. Well, the son adds quite a helping hand in many fights in the game.

Also, the Kratos no longer uses his Double Chained Blades. Many hands are going to find it difficult to adapt to fighting with Kratos without those chained blades. Those who played God of War III know the reason. The reason is that he lost his blades in the conclusion of the game.

Kratos is now going to fight with a magical Leviathan Axe. The gameplay shows Kratos performing light and heavy attacks with the axe and also throwing enemies in the air. Kratos can also hit various objects in the game with the weapon.

In order to beat the bosses or you can say, big creatures (like an ogre). Kratos uses special precision attacks which can stun the enemies if hit in the right place. Although the game focuses on Kratos, there are sometimes when you will be playing as his son Atreus.

God of War PS4 Game

The gameplay includes a lot more than this like:


  • Stun meter
  • Role Playing Games
  • Rage Abilities
  • New and upgradable armors

You can check the full Gameplay by clicking here

God of War Pre-Order (How to Pre-order God of War PS4)

The game is available for pre-order now exclusively for PlayStation 4. If you are also a God Of War fan and want to book your copy of the game. All you have to do is to pre-order the game online. Follow these steps in order to do God of War Pre-order:

  • Visit the official PlayStation.com(Click here to Pre-Order)
  • Now on search bar type “God of War”.
  • Then select the game.
  • One the next page click on Pre-Order.

God of War PS4 Game

  • Provide all the necessary details and proceed with the order.
  • Make the payment and confirm your pre-order.

Let’s see how the game goes, as it is only available for the PS4 users.

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