grand designs australia season 8 auditions

Grand Designs Australia Season 8 Auditions

Grand Designs Australia Season 8 is going to be a reality show from the “The Lifestyle Channel”. However, the show is a spinoff of the British Show “Grand Designs”.

Grand Designs is a British television series by Channel 4. Moreover, “Kevin McCloud” is the host of the original show. However, the show has a total of 198 episodes in its show. In addition, the show is having 19 different series.

However, the debut of the show was in April 1999. From that day the show is still running. Moreover, having a number of spinoffs of the show.

There were quite some changes in the production company for the show but the show still managing to run till date. Fremantle is the distributor of this show.

However, Grand Designs Australia is having a similar format of Grand Designs.

The show is all about various people in the show who brings their story of making their custom design house. However, there are various challenges they face in implementing their designs to construct a house.

As one could face financial issues, material problem or the technical faults in designs. Moreover, these problems can originate in the various steps of building their dream houses.

Grand Designs Australia reveals the various custom design houses and their stories from the various regions of Australia.

The show describes the efforts put by the one in achieving their dreams. Even at their lowest of the time, they did not lose their hope and somehow moving on to go through all their plan.

The show is having 21st of October 2010 as its original release date of the show.

Now the show is ready for the renewal of all new season. This time the show is going for the run of its 8th season in a row.

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How To Apply For Grand Designs Australia Season 8?

If you have your own dream custom-house that you have prepared the designs all on your own. Moreover, you think that your custom designs are good enough for appearing in the show.

Then, you can try to be a part of Grand Designs Australia Season 8. You can tell your story of completing your design to the rest of the world.

However, to be a part of the show you have to go through the auditions of the show. If your design is capable enough then you might get a chance to appear in the show.

Now if you want to try for the auditions of the show then you must fulfill some of the conditions of the show.

Rules For Applying For Grand Designs Australia Season 8

These are the rules you have to agree or must fulfill to apply for the auditions of the Grand Designs Season 8.

  • You must be 18 years of age or above.
  • One has to answer all the questions in the application form honestly.
  • Authority of the show might not reply to all the applications individually. However, the authority will reply to you if your design is shortlisted.
  • You have to agree and accepts all the terms and condition of the show.
  • One has to commit to all the filming days of the show as producer will ask time to time.
  • You must not be a convict of a serious crime. Moreover, you must tell the producer of the show about any of the criminal charges that are laid against you.
  • After submitting your application form doesn’t clarify that you are going to be the part of the show.
  • The producer’s decision will be final for the selection of the individual applicants in the show.

Steps To Apply For Grand Designs Australia Season 8 Auditions

If you are favorable for all the rules for applying in the auditions. Then there are the steps for you to apply for the auditions of the show.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official application form of the show. (Link is provided below)
  • Now, in the application form, there are the rules for applying for the show.
  • If you accept all the terms of the authority of the show then click on “Continue to step 1”.
  • Then you have to register as a new applicant by adding your e-mail, name, and password.
  • Now you have to fill your address, social media, contact and other details in the form.
  • The next step contains all the privacy policies, “terms and conditions” of the show. If you agree on all the terms and condition then click on “Next Step” button to move to the next step.
  • In this step, you have to add your profile photo. However, your photo should be less than 2 MB of size, Moreover, only in JPEG, GIF or PNG extension.
  • After uploading your photo you have to provide your current living situation. For example, you have to tell about your relationship status.
  • Now, this part of the application of Grand Designs Australia Season 8 is the most important one as it will decide ether you will move to next rounds. You have to provide information about your project. You have to describe your project, its budget, project approval from DA, your project is on work or not, how long will it take to complete and many more. Then click on next step after providing all mandatory information.
  • It is the final step of the application form, in this, you have to provide your project. You have to upload the project of your grand design. However, your file should be in PDF format and the size of the file should be less than 20 MB.

You have submitted your application form. Next, you will see the confirmation of your application form for the Grand Designs Australia Season 8.

If your project gets selected then you will receive the notification from the authority of the show. For further auditioning or to be the part of the show.

Application Form

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