GTA 5 Latest Weekly Update

GTA 5 Latest Weekly Update is Out (Check Now!!!)

GTA 5 is one of the best creations of Rockstar’s Games. The game has an awesome multiplayer gaming experience and an awesome player base. Time after time the developers team of GTA 5 keeps improving it with each new update. Well this time again, another good news rolls in as the GTA 5 latest weekly update is out.

GTA 5 Latest Weekly Update

Check this article to know all the details of the update.

GTA 5 Latest Weekly Update (The Big News)

The GTA 5 latest update is going to include the following stuff:

  • Karin 190Z is the new car which is available in the game.
  • Discount will be available on many items.
  • The new update will include new offer sales.

The big news is obviously without any doubt is the new car Karin 190Z. For everyone who was waiting for the update, this could be the best gift Rockstar Games can give. Karin 190Z is an awesome looking sports car which is available at a price of $900,000 on

GTA 5 Latest Weekly Update

Moreover, the Premium race for this week is ‘Damned’ featuring Ruiner 2000 while the ‘Calafia Way’ is the time trial for this week.

Advantages in “Premium race” and “the Time Trial”:

  • Top 3 winners of the Premium race will earn and the rest will get triple RP.
  • Twice of the normal GTA$ and RP will be given if you beat the par time in Time Trial.

Moreover, many new sales and discount offerings are going to be present which goes like:

  • Yachts: 30% discount
  • Renovation of Yachts: 30% discount
  • Aircraft workshop: 25% discount
  • Bunker Renovation: 30% discount
  • Mobile Operation Center Cabs: 30% discount


Sports Cars:

  • 30% discount on Ocelot Pariah
  • 30% discount on Coil Raiden

Super Cars:

  • 30% discount on Ocelot XA-21

Along with the above offerings, 25% off is present for tattoos and Doomsday Heist clothing.

Also, if you complete some smuggler’s run missions, you will be rewarded with double GTA$.

However, GTA will be distributing GTA$ 250,000 to all the gamers who will be logging in on 26th of February, 2018.

More details of such updates will be uploaded on Comment what you think of this GTA 5 latest weekly update.

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