hell's kitchen season 19

Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

Hell’s Kitchen is an American reality show. It is based on the British show under the same name. Now, the show is coming back with Hell’s Kitchen Season 19. In this article, you are going to get all the latest details of the show regarding the cast, host, premiere and other information also.

However, the franchise is ready for the 19th season of the show in 2019. “FOX Broadcasting Company” holds the broadcasting rights of the show.

In addition, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay host the show. The show is all about two chefs team compete for the job of head chef in a restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay is the creator of the show. However, the first episode of this amazing tv series was airing on 30th May 2005. Later on, series went for another 17 seasons.

Rookies vs Veterans” is .the theme for the 18th season of the show. It was premiered on 28th of September 2018.

250,000 US dollars is the prize money for the winner of this reality show.

In 2011, the show has been nominated for the best reality show in People’s Choice Awards.

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What is the main plot of Hell’s Kitchen Season 19?

This tv reality show is based on the competition between the selected participants for the job of the head chef in the restaurant.

First of all, in the casting phase, deserving candidates are selected for competing in the main show.

However, the main plot of Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 can be further label as following-

  • Challenges-  In this part the contestant have to withstand the challenges designed by the host. The first challenge is the signature cool-off.
  • Dinner Service-  In this contestants have to prepare a dinner for the 100 volunteered guests. However, the host of the show describes the food prepared by the contestant. Which they have to make from the memorized recipe book given by the show.
  • Elimination- When the dinner service is completed. Host gather everyone in the kitchen. Then according to the performance of the contestant host announces the nominee for the elimination.
  • Final Service- In the finale, the last two remaining contestants have to prepare their own menus for a full dinner table for the previous competitor of the show.

The job as the head chef in the restaurant and prize money of 250,000 US dollars, collects the winner of the show.

Hell’s Kitchen 2019 Premiere

The show is currently in its 18th season. There is no confirmation about the premiering date of the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19.

However, we will update the premiere date of the show as soon as the franchise will inform about it.

Who Will Host Hell’s Kitchen Season 19?

The show is not known for changing the host in the past. From the first season of the show, Gordon Ramsay the creator of the show is serving as the host of the show. However, with the experience of the Gordon Ramsay. It is hard for the franchise to replace him.

In People’s Choice Awards, Gordon Ramsay was the part of best TV chef nominations.

hell's kitchen season 19

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In conclusion, there is a higher probability of Gordon Ramsay to host the 19th season of the Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 Cast

Currently, the series is in the final stages of the 18th season. So, the casting of the Hell’s Kitchen season 19 is not in process.

However, Gordon Ramsay is more likely to be the host of the show.

When the authority will be on the casting stages of the show. We will update the cast which you are going to see in the 19th season of the show.

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