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Huge In France Cast ~ Know who is in the cast of the show

Huge In France is an upcoming American comedy series and below you will find out about the cast of the show. Moreover, it is Netflix’s Original series.

Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul, and Gad Elmaleh are the creators of this show. The show is all about Gad Elmaleh. However, Gad is playing himself in the series.

Gad is a famous comedian in France. However, he has to move to America in search of his wife and his teenage son. As he moves to America in search of his family he finds quite difficult to cope with this change.

Moreover, both his wife and kid does not want him in their life. But Gad is quite a determent guy as this time he wants to correct his mistakes of leaving his family behind.

But the trouble increases for Gad he is quite like a normal guy in America and his charm is not working like in France. So continuing his mission to cope up with his family many funny incidents were happening.

However, these troubles for Gad is entertainment for the viewers. As this amazing series is going to entertain viewers in many expects. As this is series does not only contain comedy but also have a beautiful theme describing the meaning of family.

With such an amazing plot of the show, the authority also managed to have a lot of talent in the casts. Moreover, the Huge in France Cast contains all the plus points skills that are essential for acting.

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Meet The Cast Of Huge In France

Without wasting much time let us just meet with all the casts of Huge In France.

  • Gad Elmaleh

Gad is a French, Morrocan and Canadian actor and a stand-up comedian. However, he was starring in many films like “princess”, “Midnight in Paris” and many more. Moreover, he is also named as the knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by “Minister of Culture”.

gad elmaleh huge in france cast

In addition, he is the funniest person in France as it was a conclusion through voting. Moreover, he is also named as the “Seinfeld of  France”.

He is playing himself in this series and he is one of the creator too. So he is quite an important member of the cast of Huge in France Series.

  • Scott Keiji Takeda

Scott is an American actor and writer of Japenese descent. However, he has been into five films and a single television show.

scott keiji takeda huge in france cast

He is a Pepperdine University graduate student having a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts. However, with his interest in film and television, he was involving himself in Asian American theatre community.

  • Jorden Ver Hoeve

Jordan is an American model and actor. He is quite new in the film industry. As he has the experience of working in two tv show and film. However, he posses an amazing acting talent.

jorden ver hoeve huge in france cast

Moreover, he is playing the role of Gad’s son in this upcoming series.

  • Erin Hayes

Alexandra Erinn Hayes is an American actress and comedian. However, she is quite popular for playing the role of  “Dr. Lola Spratt” on the Adult Swim sitcom “Children’s Hospital“. Moreover, she has played a number of situational comedy for various networks.

erin hayes huge in france cast

Now she is playing the role of Gad’s wife in the cast of the series.

More updates and details about the Huge In France Cast members are coming soon. So make sure you stay tuned with us. And don’t forget to tell us what you think of the cast of the show by commenting down below.

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