india ke mast kalandar audition

India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition and Registration

India Ke Mast Kalandar is a new non-fictional reality show will be premiered on Sony Sab. In this show, the talented individual will show up and present their talent in front of judges and nation. India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition is open right now. All Mast-Kalandar can apply it but you have to pass through certain eligibility criteria.

Read the article to know about the India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition, registration, requirements and eligibility criteria.  

India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition and Registration

Sony Sab is coming up with a show similar to shaabash India and India’s got talent. Individual will perform epic things to impress the audience. Epic things like mimicry, dancing-singing, Gymnastic-heavy stunts and many other thrilling things will be preformed. India k mast Audition and registration is going online. Do not miss your chance. The last of registration is 1st of July.

india ke mast kalandar audition

Here are the steps for registering yourself for India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition:

  1. First of all log in to Sony liv official website or download Sony Liv official app
  2. Browse on your pc/phone
  3. Now fill India Ke Mast Kalandar registration form
  4. While filling form Select the type you want to perform solo, duet or group
  5. Also you have upload you act video (Max: 100 MB) in .mav , .mp4 or .m4v format.
  6. Agre with all terms and conditions. Submit the form and you will receive an E-mail.

If get selected for the audition then cent percent chance that you will ga et phone call from the show.

India Ke Mast Kalandar Registration Eligibility

Here are some eligibility criteria and requirements for India ke mast kalandar which are as follows:

  • Contestant must be an Indian Citizen and also, Indian Orign
  • Must have valid proof like passport, PAN card, Aadhar Card, etc.
  • Contestant should be mentally and physically well and no criminal records.
  • Contestant must of Indian Origin who can take part after the process of registration mentioned
  • Last date to fill the registration form is 1st of July

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India Ke Mast Kalandar Audition Requirements

Since your chance to get into audition purely based on the type and content of your audition video. So audition videos must confirm the following requirements:

  • Audition Videos may contain an act which should be original
  • Audition videos must be recorded within 2 months and It should not edited with graphics. Keep it real
  • It should only frame participants and no other individual
  • The video should not have any sexual, explicit content or violence.
  • It should not draw attention towards sensitive public issue such as religion, racism, sexism, etc.
  • Dialogue should be in Hindi and contest should only upload one video
  • It all should be original stuff and should not direct towards a copyright or logo, trademarks, etc.

India Ke Mast Kalandar Show Format

India Ke mast kalandar registration forms are being filled right now. And information related to show format is yet to be disclosed. So let’s just wait for the format of the show and be excited about the show. Hope it will updated soon.

Any changes in India ke mast kalandar audition and show format, will be updated. Please bother to stick around to know more.

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