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One of the most praised Indian Singing reality shows Indian Idol is back with Season 10. Yes, this year you again are going to catch some thrilling singing performances from Sony TV. Indian Idol has been there for quite a while now and never fails to meet the expectations of the viewers. Well, the viewers of the show are its soul as they support the contestants through Indian Idol Vote.

Check out the article to know how to do Voting in Indian Idol 10 and Support your favorite contestants in the show.

Indian Idol Voting (Cast Indian Idol Votes Now)

The format of the show is just like a typical singing reality show. The contestants in the show perform in front of judges. Each week, the contestants perform and in the end audience vote for their favorite contestants. Getting a good number of votes from the audience is the only way to win the show.

Indian Idol Vote is done by the viewers of the show and in the end, the contestant having least number of votes faces elimination. The contestant who is consistent and gives good performance to acquire a decent number of votes till the end wins.

Previously, the show also used to have offline voting but we are not sure if it will be available in Indian Idol Season 10. You can do Indian Idol Vote through:

  • Google Voting (Through Official Website)
  • SonyLiv App Voting

So whichever method you use for Indian Idol Voting. Make sure you do it right by following the details given below in the article. The show is going to start soon and the show will premiere on Sony TV.  So tell us, will you participate in the show voting process?


Indian Idol 10 Online Voting (Google Voting)

You can simply use your web browser to vote for your favorite contestants. The online voting process is quite simple. Regular internet users will not find any difficulty in voting. All you need to do is to follow these steps in order to vote online in Indian Idol:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Now on the search bar type ‘Indian Idol VOting Keyword’ provided by the show.
  • Now the official website of Sonyliv will appear on the results. 
  • Sign up on the website with your account.
  • Now open that website and go to the voting page
  • The names and images of the nominate contestants will appear.
  • You can vote for those contestants.

This way Indian Idol Online Voting through Google will be done. Another method is to vote through the official SonyLiv App which is much more time-saving.

indian idol vote

Indian Idol Sonyliv App Online Voting

Indian Idol Vote can also be done through Sonyliv App. Voting through the app can be much more convenient. All you need to do is to download the app for the first time and then you are good to go with the online voting. Follow these instructions to cast your vote for Indian Idol Contestants:

indian idol vote sonyliv

  • Go to Google Play Store and download SonyLiv App. (Click here to download SonyLiv)
  • Register yourself in the app using your email account.
  • Now look for Indian Idol 10 show.
  • Open the voting page and look for the nominated contestants.
  • Select the image of the contestant you want to vote for.
  • Now hit ‘Vote’ and you are finished with Indian Idol Vote procedure.

Indian Idol Season 10 Live Voting Details

Winning the Indian Idol is surely one of the best gateways to Bollywood singing. Votes are essential for winning the show. As many other shows moving towards Live voting format. The situation may arise that Indian Idol showcase live events and live voting for the viewers.

If any such thing happens, in that case, we will update all the live voting details here in the article. For now, no such announcement has been made by the show.

So stay tuned for future updates of Indian Idol Vote.

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  1. I love salman
    I will pray for you…. inshaaAllah…

  2. Vote for Salman

  3. Md Ezaz Ansari | August 12, 2018 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    I like to vote Salman…. Because he is only very good singing Man of Indian Idol

  4. I like vote salman very good singing

  5. My vote for Salman ali

  6. Maharshi maheta | August 18, 2018 at 9:08 pm | Reply

    Vote for Ankush

  7. Saleem Ali is graet

  8. I Love Saumya chakraborty.his performance was fantastic today.

  9. salman..salman… salman… he’s damn fantastic.. <3

  10. my vote for salman ali

  11. Salman is a great

  12. I like salman Ali khan his all songs I like it

  13. Love u salman and please vote for salman ali

  14. not going to vote for anyone since Soumya has gone.

  15. i like nilanjana i voting for her

  16. I vote salaman

  17. Danswrang Narzary | December 9, 2018 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    I like Nilanjana I voting for her

  18. Salman is a great singer

  19. Ravindra gaikwad | December 15, 2018 at 9:08 pm | Reply

    We like to melodious voice of salman ali

  20. Farheen Shariff | December 16, 2018 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    My votes are only for salman Ali, he’s tremendous, he can represent India as a legend

  21. Salman ali is voice waves of ocean. i like salman ali

  22. My vote salman ali. I like salman ali

  23. My vote salman ali.

  24. Salman Ali.i love his voice.

  25. Vote for i love salman bhai..

  26. Vote for salman

  27. I love salman
    I will pray for you…. inshaaAllah…

  28. Vote for salman Ali

  29. Vote for salman Ali
    Insha Allah win

  30. Salman ali best singer

  31. nilanjana is best singer of indianidol 2018.

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