piccolo getting stronger

Is Piccolo Getting Stronger? Check what he is up to!!!

In this article, we are going to talk about the Big Green Man Piccolo. As recently two promotional images appeared showing Piccolo. It is time to take a look at the green Beast. Is Piccolo Getting Stronger? Is he getting another form? Let’s see what TOEI animation team is up to.

Is Piccolo Getting Stronger? Check details!!!

In both of the Promotional Images, in which Goku and Vegeta are Featured. You can also see Piccolo Standing next to them. One of the two images includes Goku and Vegeta along with the pic of Beerus and Whis standing. But the weird part is that along with these characters, the image also includes Piccolo in it.

piccolo getting stronger

And in the next promotional image, you can see Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta Standing Next to each other. So it is quite sure from these images that Piccolo is out for improvement this time. It may be the time Piccolo getting stronger and achieve the glory.

piccolo getting stronger

As everyone knows that the hype of the Dragon Ball Movie is going out of the roof. So chances are that there will be a unique twist or something to match the hype.

Also, the Movie is going back to the Saiyans. So the fight scenes will be quite different from that of the Dragon Ball Super. Instead of focusing on Flashy Moves, Traditional Martial Arts looks to be the main focus this time. Who knows what you might see in the movie this time but one thing is sure. It is going to be fun.

So What is Happening with Piccolo?

Everyone is quite known to the intense rivalry between Picollo and Goku in DBZ. At that time, Piccolo’s role in the storyline was quite relevant. But as the series made progress and in Dragon Ball Super the relevancy of his role decreased. As everyone kept getting stronger, Piccolo didn’t achieve much.

Everyone is quite known to the fact that how much underrated Piccolo is. But still, everyone loved him. So this may be the time, the guy enjoys some power in his hands. The promotional images give a direct hint of Piccolo Getting Stronger.

The Dragon Ball Team may also have realized his importance and decided to give the poor guy some power.

Seeing Goku going through different power levels From Kaioken X20 to Omen and True Ulta Instinct. The warrior heart of Piccolo may also have sensed the need for power.

We all have seen him defeating Android 20, Fusion with Kami and his pieces of training in the Time Chamber.

So how will he close the gap to match Goku’s and Vegeta Power?

Well, nothing is known for sure. But those crucial moments in the Tournament of Power that exposed him to another method of gaining unbelievable power may help this time. The Mass Namekian Fusion of the Universe 6 Namekians which grants them unbelievable power was seen. The vitality boost helped those weaklings to reach the same level of power as Gohan.

So it can happen that we will see a new Namekian Fusion from Piccolo or something like that. Let’s wait and see what his next form is.

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