ishq di baajiyaan song soorma

Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma Listen Now!!!

Did you hear Diljit’s latest Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma? If not, hear it now below in the article and enjoy the adorable voice of Diljit.

Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma

Ishq Di Baajiyaan, a song from the new upcoming movie Soorma was released on Monday. The Music Video Ishaq DI Bhaajiyaan song Soorma was uploaded on YouTube Sony Music India on 18 June 2018. This song is trending at Number 9 on YouTube right now with 3.7 Million views. The Song video has around 59K likes and 1.8K comments, which is quite impressive in one day. Listen to the beautiful song from Diljit here:

The song Ishq Di Baajiyaan is from the movie Soorma. The movie’s story based on the life of India’s former National hockey team captain Sandeep Singh. The movie tells the life experience, ups, and downs, highs and lows of former Captain’s Life. The information related to singer, composers, and reviews are written down below. Please care to read it.

Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma: Reviews

By watching the beautiful music video and listening to the song over and over. People are finding Ishaq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma quite catchy and Epitome of versatility. The lyrics of the song are written by Gulzar. We all have immense respect for Gulzar for the beauty he puts into song through his words. With the beautiful mesmerizing lyrics this song is complete bliss. The title “Ishq Di Baajiyaan” interprets to  “Gamble in Love”, which adds so much charm to the song.

ishq di baajiyaan song soorma

The Song Ishq Di Baajiyaan from Soorma is getting appreciation from everywhere. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, this song is going to bebop. The music video films Singer-Actor Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu on lead. The daily struggle is shown in the Video.

How hard it is for two lovers to express each other’s feeling and communication in the public. Video also focuses on how a guy is beaten up hardly for lacking a bit and diverting his attention. The good thing is Music video beautifully syncs with song and lyrics. This is something very beautiful which viewer may see after quite a time.

Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma: Singers and Composer

This beautiful Music of this song is composed by our esteemed composer Shankar Ehsaan Roy. The song glitters gold with singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh putting is a mesmerizing melodic voice in the song. Diljit is the fun loving person. And he tweeted the release of his song on twitter saying

#IshqDiBaajiyaan Lao Romantic Feelingaan… Kion Ke Sandeep Bhaji Hamare Baut Romantic Hain And Haan feeling mai like and share karna mat bhool jana Although Gana Poora Rakhna Chaiye Thaa @sonymusicIndia Mazaa Aney Lagta Hai Khatam Ho Jata Hai”

In his Tweet, Diljit tells us that our movie protagonist Sandeep Singh is very romantic kind of a guy. With his tweet, we came to know about the release of the song.

And Diljit Humorously banters Sony Music India team for not putting the entire song. Later Diljit talks about legendary Song-writer Gulzar saying he has great respect for him. And working with him was a big thing for him. Since this was the reaction of the first day. Let us see future is holding on for Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma and the Movie itself.

Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Download and Play Online

You can listen to the song by directly playing the video above. And if you want to listen to the mp3 version of the song. Then you can listen to it on Gaana app for free.

  • Just go to Google Play Store.
  • From there download the Gaana App.
  • Now open the app and go to the search bar.
  • Type “Ishq Di Baajiyaan Song Soorma” and that’s it.

Download Gaana App Click here

So stay tuned to know more.

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