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Jesus: His Life Cast [2019 Television Series]

Jesus: His Life is an upcoming Television Series. The series follows the life of Jesus Christ but in a different way. Instead of revolving the story just around him, the producer decided to give it a different approach. In this article, you are going to know all about Jesus: His Life Cast.

The show will have 8 episodes referred to as chapters of this Television Series. Each episode will have the story of Jesus but from the viewpoint of the characters that were close to Jesus himself.

The character may include Mother of Jesus, the Baptist, Pontius Pilate, Peter, etc. The chapters will tell you about the feelings of all these characters toward Jesus while also telling the main story in a very unique way.

Let us see when is the premiere of the show.

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Jesus: His Life Premiere Date 2019

The series is going to air on 25th of March, 2019. History Channel will premiere this Television Series. The show will come on Mondays at 8 PM. So for all those religious people who are interested in knowing more about their beloved Jesus, this is the time you do it.

“Premiere Date of Jesus: His Life- 25th of March”

The show claims to be very best in explaining different aspects of his life. People are quite interested in knowing about the cast of the show. Not many interviews are taken regarding Jesus: His Life Cast, so we will tell you about the cast of the show right here in this article.

Meet Jesus: His Life Cast

The show will have eight chapters and each chapter is dedicated to a different character. So you can clearly know from this that there will be a new member of the cast in different episodes.

Besides these main members of the cast, some will show up frequently in each and every episode. The cast of the show is going to play the following roles: Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Andrew, Nicodemus, Mary, James, Angel Gabriel, Martha, The Shepherd, Sister Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, Claudia Procles, Judah, Herod Antipas

Apart from this, the show has multiple producers for different episodes. Names are mentioned below:

  • Josh Hyams
  • Lindy Taylor
  • Ned Dowd
  • Ben Goold
  • Jane Root

Let us know about the cast of the show now:

Cassie Bradley

She is going to play Mary Magdalene in Jesus: His Life Cast. She has worked in other show and movies like Torvill & Dean, Coronation Street, Casualty, etc. Being born in Nottingham and raised in Mansfield, she is a great British Actress. She received her training in the Oxford School of Drama.

Cassie bradley jesus his life cast

Greg Barnett

Known for his acting performances in Messalina’s Offer, Hot Property, Undercover, Bonobo, Doctors, etc. I think Greg is a good fit for Jesus’s Character. He is also rumored to play the role of Conal in “The Road to Nirvana”. You can clearly tell his is playing Jesus by taking a look at his face.

greg barnett jesus his life cast

Adam Ayadi

You may have seen him in Wretched Things, Through the Walls, The Young Victorians, etc. He is a born and bought up of London. Born on 17th of August, 1984 in London he has worked in some British Movies and Television Series.

adam ayadi jesus his life cast

David Al-Fahmi

He is known for acting in Clean, Revealed, Detained, Only Fools and Horses, Neanderthal, etc. He is going to play the role of Nicodemus in Jesus: His Life Cast.

david al fahmi jesus his life cast

Houda Echouafni

She is going to play the role of Mary in the series. Houda is a British Arab actress. She has done a lot of work on the screen. She has been a part of some good Television Movies and Shows like Itsy, Disconnected, Dana Dana Pearl Pearl,  Just Gone, I Saved My Belly Dancer, Piercing Brightness, 31 North 62 East, War Hero, etc and has worked a lot in the acting industry. It will be great seeing her play Mary.

houda echouafni jesus his life cast

Alex Gok

Alex is going to play the role of James. The young man has played his parts in Giri/Haji, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Hysteria which is completed, etc. He may be working on some more future projects along with being in Jesus: His Life Cast.

alex gok jesus his life cast

Anthony Kaye

He is playing Angel Gabriel in the series. He has done a lot of work in TV series recently. Four of his films and TV Series are yet to be released in 2019. You may know him from his work in A Very English Scandal, Wannabe, Cuckoo, Living the Dream, Kindred, Krypton, The Rebel, Taboo, A United Kingdom, etc.

anthony kaye jesus his life cast

Elif Knight

She is going to play the role of Martha. Elif is a great actress known for her roles in Their War, Luminary, Prey, Penny Dreadful, Every Occupation Needs a Party, etc. She has received the Patricia Rothermere Scholarship in 2007.

elif knight jesus his life cast

Liran Nathan

He will play The Shepherd in the series. Along with being an actor, he is also a producer. Along with Jesus: His Life, his work in Last Christman is also in post-production. Both of them will soon hit the Big screen. Apart from this, he has done some work in Sampha: Process, The Last Time, Dreamlands, Parallel Universes, London Isn’t Waiting, Ghosted, etc.

liran nathan jesus his life cast

Mavin Rasheed

She is playing Sister Mary. Mavin is known for her work in Straight White Man, Casting Directors, Nora. She is a confident actress and takes pride in her own work. Mavin also knows some Bellydance and Contemporary.

mavin rasheed jesus his life cast

Michael S. Siegel

He is playing Joseph of Arimathea. He is originally from Silver Spring, Maryland. Being a comedian in his early career gave him the motivation to try as an actor also. Michael has worked in Portal, Prime Contact, Episodes, Natalie, State Of Mind, Out Of Tune which is completed and yet to come for now and more.

michael s siegel jesus his life

Stephanie Vogt

She is playing Claudia Procles in Jesus: His Life Cast. Stephanie is originally from Nebraska. She was an athlete in her early days and wanted to make a career in physiology. This is also a contributing reason for her fit body.

stephanie vogt

Amed Hashimi

He is going to play Judah in the series. He is a former trainee of RADA. His work includes Aladding which is still in post-production, When Angels Rise, Street Fighter: Resurrection, Pandorica, Legends, Predator, Predator Dark Ages, etc.

amed hashimi jesus his life cast

Anthony Barclay

Anthony is also a producer along with being an actor. His work includes Equal, The Life of Jimmy Horton, Vera, Coronation Street, Britannia, No Humans Involved, New Tricks, RedBlack, etc.

anthony barclay jesus his life cast

So this is it for the time being. More update will be available with time. So make sure you stick with us in order to know about Jesus: His Life Cast and Other Details.

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