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Life Like Movie Watch Online Details, Plot, & Latest Updates

Below you will find all the Life Like full movie watch online details with the latest updates about the film.

From the producers of top rated horror movies like Salt and Premonition, comes another science fiction thriller that will leave you spellbound. With a dystopian look at the future where robots follow the classic trope of rising against humanity, this movie is a must watch for all sci-fi nerds in 2019.

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Life Like Plot Details

Julian (James D’Arcy) and Sophie (Addison Timlin) are a prosperous New York couple who are attractive role models to their entire community.

Concerned that employing a human for their needs would be unethical, they decide to approach a robotics company that specializes in creating life-like robots for everyday help.

The couple decides to give it a try. However, they are also told that should any problems crop up, the robot’s default setting is to travel back to the station and reboot back to factory state.

However, the robot Henry (Steven Strait) starts displaying increasingly human behavior and bonding emotionally with the couple.

The game grows more and more dangerous as Henry begins intimate relations with both the Julian and Sophie.

They discount it initially, considering  Henry to be nothing more than a machine, but Henry begins to grow more self-aware.

The movie culminates in a struggle between the human couple and the android Henry as they fight one another for survival. Henry resists the couple’s attempts to deactivate him, which is depicted masterfully in a chilling moment on screen where he says ‘I’m sorry that’s not possible’ when ordered to return to the factory.

Life Like Cast & Watch Online Details (Below)

The cast is filled with Hollywood A-Listers like

  • James D’Arcy playing the role of Julian, the male lead
  • Addison Timlin plays Sophie, the female lead
  • Drew Van Acker plays James
  • Steven Strait plays Henry, the robot
  • Mark Famiglietti as Ronald Gitts
  • Hilary Barraford as Mary

So can you can Life Like movie online for free or not. Let us find out.

Where to Watch Life Like Full Movie Online?

The movie Life Like is expected to be released on May 14, 2019. The release will be held in major theatres across the country and the world as well. After completing its theatrical run, Netflix has shown interest in picking it up for its own platform.

Other streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime are also expected to enter the race to gain streaming rights to this fantastic movie.

If you don’t yet have a subscription to these streaming services, we recommend that you get one ASAP. Containing thousands of movies and TV shows, these streaming giants can take care of all your binge-watching needs without any worry.

Their predictive algorithms will even show you recommendations, based on your viewing habits.

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Life Like Production and Development

The movie has a runtime of 95 minutes and was mostly shot around locations in the USA, specifically in Central New York. The total estimated budget comes to $1,500,000, including all salaries and production costs.

Lionsgate, Sprockefeller Pictures and Wildlife Pictures are the principal backers behind the making of this movie. Direction and storyline script writing was personally handled by Josh Janowicz, a renowned Hollywood director with several movies to his credit.

More updates to watch Life Like online are on their way so stay tuned and never miss an update.

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