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Little Movie Cast Details

Little is an upcoming American fantasy movie and we will tell you about the cast of the movie. As this movie will take all the viewers to an adventure of fantasy when a woman changes to a kid once again.

Tracy Oliver and Tina Golden are the screenwriters of this movie. Moreover, Tina Golden in also serving as the director of this film.

Earlier it was from the authority of the film that the premiere date of the film is coming near than expected. As it was in the news that the film is going to premiere in September 2019. However, the premiere date of the film is set to be on the 12th of April 2019.

The film is having a concept where a woman is living her younger self physically.

The film follows the lead character “Jordan Sanders”. Moreover, the film sets in the atmosphere when Jordan was quite stressing out with various other phases of getting into adulthood. Then she was quite offensive to a girl that was painful for that girl to bear. However, a drastic change comes to Jordan’s life as that girl wishes Jordan to live her childhood again.

Later on, Jordan finds herself in her younger body in the current situation. Then she tells her assistant about this situation. Moreover, she got a helping hand of her assistant to find a solution to reverse the wish. Now it is time to discuss different personalities playing the major roles in the cast of Little.

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Meet The Cast of Little Movie

With this fantasy plot of the movie to entertain its viewers. Its time to meet the artist in the film who are going to portray these amazing characters in this film. The Little Movie Cast is as follows:

  • Regina Hall-  Regina is an American comedian and actor. She is playing the role of lead character “Jordan Sanders” (Adult) in this movie. However, she is quite popular for playing the role of “Brenda Meeks” in the famous comedy movie franchise “Scary Movie”. Moreover, Regina is also serving as the producer of this film.

regina hall little movie cast

  • Marsai Martin- Marsai is an American actress and producer. However, she is quite popular for playing the role of “Diane Johnson” in the ABC’s comedy series “Black-ish”. Moreover, she got her breakthrough at the age of 5 when she was landing herself in a commercial. Now she is also playing the role of 13 years old “Jordan Sander” in this movie. Moreover, Marsai is also serving as one of the producers of the film.

marsai martin little movie cast

  • Issa Rae- Issa Rae is an American writer, actress, director, producer and web series creator. She is quite popular for her web series “Awkward Black Girl” which is on YouTube. She is still working on her YouTube channel by uploading various short films and series. Issa Rae is also popular for HBO’s series “Insecure”. Now she is playing the role of overworked assistant in this film.

issa rae little movie cast

  • Justin Hartley- Justin is an American Actor. He has been in various tv shows and movies. However, Justin is quite popular for portraying the role of “Fox Crane” in NBC’s daytime soap opera “Passion”.Now he is playing the role of “Mr. Marshall” who was the maths teacher of Jordan when she was 13 years of age.

justin hartley little movie cast

More updates about the little movie cast are on their way. So make sure you don’t miss any and don’t forget to leave a comment to share your views on the cast of the film.

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