Love Island Australia Contestants

Love Island Australia Contestants

One of the most awaited shows of Australia in 2018 the Love Island Australia is going to start very soon. With everything done, the show is going to hit the Televisions Screens this month. Many are wondering who are the Love Island Australia Contestants.

Here at, you are going to get the latest details of:

  • Love Island Australia Contestants & Cast
  • Love Island Australia Premiere

Many more details regarding the Love Island Australia 2018 is going to be updated. So stay tuned with us.

Love Island Australia Premiere

Love Island Australia will air on 9Go! and 9Now starting from 27th of May, 2018. A promo of Love Island was released recently giving the first look at the show. The idea of Love island Australia is taken from the original British Love Island Series. The Love Island Austalia Contestants are a bunch of hot, young and genetically blessed people.

Take a look at the contestants of Love Island Australia Season 1:

The show will include a bunch of hotties who will date and complete various tasks. The show location for Love Island Australia Season 1 is Majorca, Spain. The contestants will go on dates, enjoy and live the hottest summer of their lives.

You can also see the first look of Love Island Australia Contestants on the show promo. So don’t forget to check out the latest promo of Love Island Australia and tell us what you think.

Love Island Australia Premiere Date: 27th of March, 2018

Only on 9Go! and 9Now

Love Island Australia Contestants

The names of the Love Island Australia Contestants are not officially revealed for now. Even though the contestants appear in the promo of the show, there are no official announcements from the show. Although the names are not revealed, you can see those attractive faces clearly on Love Island Australia Promo.

Love Island Australia Contestants

As the promo starts you can see Sophies Monk calling all the contestants for a memorable spring in Spain. She invites them for the hottest summer of their lives. The Love Island Contestants leave all their work and join in for the flight with the other fellow members of Love Island Austalia.

The names of the Love Island Contestants are not disclosed from the show by any means. But as soon as we get the official announcement, we will update the article with all the Love Island Australia Contestant names.

The Love Island Australia Contestants Names have been announced by the channel. These are the faces you will see on the show:

  • Erin, 22 years old from Melbourne
  • Charlie, 22 years old from Sydney
  • Josh, 25 years old from Sydney
  • Millie, 24 years old from Sydney
  • Grant, 22 years old from Canberra
  • Natasha, 24 years old from Perth
  • Justin, 27 years old from Melbourne
  • Tayla, 21 years old from Perth
  • Eden, 25 years old from Sydney
  • Cassidy, 23 yearsl old from Melbourne

Check the video above to see who they are!!!

Love Island Australia Cast

The most hilarious host of all time Sophie Monk will host the Love Island Australia. As she is the host, she will be the one presenting the show and Eoghan McDermott will narrate along with her. She will be there guiding the Love Island Australia Contestants throughout their journey in Spain. The cast of the show is not that big.

But as the show proceeds, there may be guest entries and other events as well. More updates about such events in Love Island Australia are coming. Till then, this is all for Love Island Australia Contestants and make sure you bookmark this page as we will update the contestant names.

So stick around for upcoming updates about Love Island Australia.

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