married to medicine los angeles cast

Married To Medicine Los Angeles Cast

Married To Medicine is an American Reality show. However, the franchise is scheduling a spinoff of the show. So in this article, you are going to know all about the Married To Medicine Los Angeles Cast.

The show is all about the group of African American medical community. Moreover, not only their lives the show will also reveal the lives of people close to them.

They are living in the elite and fast life of the city with their successful careers. These doctors share a special bond between them.

However, the problem arises when the personality of these doctors collide. With many other relations, they make or they rely on but one thing is always constant to them that they are into a marriage with medicine.

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Married To Medicine Los Angeles Cast

The authority of the franchise was proud to declare the renewal of the spinoff for the show.

As with the news of the renewal, the authority also confirmed the Married To Medicine Los Angeles Cast:

Dr. Imani Walker

She is quite easy to find out in a crowd as she is six foot and two inches tall having her head shaved and always wearing a smile. Dr. Imani is a psychiatrist.

dr imani walker married to medicine los angeles cast

And hence, she deals with the cases of mental issues, homelessness, schizophrenia, and chronic depression.

Moreover, at the end of the long hard working day, she loves to spend time with her husband and her child.

Asha Kamali-Blankinship

Asha is an actress. She is in the bond of marriage with a Physiatrist. Her husband specializes in patients with pinched nerves in their neck or back.

asha kamali married to medicine los angeles cast

Other than being an actress, Asha believes in creating opportunities for herself. However, at this point, she is having the only dream of having a baby with her husband.

Dr. Noelle Reid

Dr. Noelle is a prostate examiner to physicals and treating STD’s. However, she is the owner of the owns Trinity Health and Wellness Center in Beverly Glen.

dr noelle reid married to medicine los angeles cast

Other than treating her patients she even owns a hall where she teaches yoga and meditation. However, she finds it hard to balance her professional and personal life. Moreover, she is quite happy with all her accomplishments.

Shanique Drummond

Shanique is a real estate property manager. However, she is married to Dr. Robert Drummond, an Urgent Care Physician in Los Angeles.

shanique drummond married to medicine los angeles cast

Shanique is quite traditional as she takes care of her children then go on a full day job and at the end of the day, she even cooks the dinner for her family. She is going to be in Married To Medicine Los Angeles Cast. So, let us see what she has to offer.

Jazmin Johnson

Jazmin is married to a psychiatrist in Los Angeles. However, she is a full-time mother and wife.

jazmine johnson married to medicine cast

Moreover, she believes in enjoying life and having a lot of fun. She is quite keen to her hobby as she always ready to pursue photography.

She might go one on one with Dr. Imani as she is afraid of her husband’s doubting activities.

Dr. Britten Cole

Dr. Britten is currently in the search of finding a full-time job in the city of Los Angeles. However, she is an anesthesiologist.

britten cole married to medicine los angeles cast

Before moving to the medical field she was an officer in the Navy.

However, with a military background, Britten is quite familiar with difficult situations which she might face.

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