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MasterChef Junior Season 7 ~ Check Premiere, Judges, Contestants and more

One of the most famous cooking reality show in the world is back again for a run. In addition, MasterChef Junior is one of the most famous reality television show for the young masters. Masterchef Junior Season 7 is all about judging the cooking talent of the selected participants.

However, one has to compete in the auditions of the show to be a part of the show as a contestant.

The show is similar to the other MasterChef franchise. However, in the Junior edition, only young talented chefs up to the age of 13 are the deserving candidates.

Moreover, viewers are even describing the show filled up with jaw-dropping events. When the young cast was preparing the meals with such ease.

The show is having a rating of 6.7 out of 10 in IMDb. However, is quite above the average.

It describes that the show is having a good amount of viewers satisfaction.

The debut edition of the MasterChef Junior attracted about a total of 5.56 season viewers. However, it was having a season raking of 83.

Later on, the second season attracted more about 6.30 season viewers.

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In addition, the last season i.e, the 6th season of the show is having the lowest season viewers till now. It attracted only about a total of 4.33 season viewers. Moreover, the show was having a rank of 114 in the list of season ranking.

However, according to the IMDb, the popularity of the show is still increasing after the last season as the least performing season of the series. As we compare it with other seasons of the series.

Still, the franchise is ready for another renewal of the show.

And the authority of the show was confirming earlier about the 7th season of the show.

About MasterChef Junior Season 7

MasterChef Junior Season 7 is going to be a reality cooking competition show for the childer from the age of 8 to 13. However, one has to pass through audition rounds to compete in the show.

However, the number of selected participants for the main program is not fixed as every season there are a different number of participants.

Moreover, the winner of the show is awarded a grand prize of  100,000 US Dollars.

However, after every episode of the show, two contestants are eliminated from the show. Later on, the last standing contestant is declared as the winner of the show.

In addition, one has to pass every obstacle in the show created by the judges to remain out of the elimination rounds.

This Junior edition series is quite famous among the viewers. In addition, it is one of the best-rated reality programs in which kids participate.

MasterChef Junior Season 7 Premiere Date

 Robin Ashbrook is the writer of this cooking genre show. Moreover, on 11th of January 2019, the executive producers of the show finally set the premiere of the show.

masterchef junior season 7
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

“Masterchef Junior Season 7 Premiere Date: 26th of February, 2019”

One of the most famous cooking show in the world is having the following executive producers in the show.

  • Ben Adler
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Robin Ashbrook
  • Paul Franklin
  • Elizabeth Murdoch
  • Adeline Ramage Rooney
  • Eden Gaha
  • Patricia Llewellyn

The debut season of the MasterChef Junior was airing on 27th of September 2013. Moreover, the first episode of the first season of the show attracted a total of  4.29 Million viewers.

Similarly, the finale of the first season also attracted around 4 million plus viewers.

Later on, the second season of the show was airing of 4th of November 2014. The second season is the season of the most attracted viewers in the history of the show till now. And it is the season which made popularity of the show rise to a new level across the worldwide viewers of the show.

However, the last season with least attracted viewers of the show was airing on the first week of the month of March 2018.

Now, the latest 7th season of the MasterChef Junior is going to premiere on 26 February 2019. As per the information provided by the authority of the show.

The show is going to be air on the FOX television network. Each episode of the latest upcoming season of the show is going to have a runtime of about an hour.

In addition, viewers can expect the episodes in the ratio of 16:9 in an HD format. Including the stereo sound mix. However, one can even watch the episodes of the latest upcoming season of the show on the official FOX website.

MasterChef Junior Season 7 Judges

No reality show is fun without the amazing judges in the show. However, MasterChef franchise is providing the best possible judges to the viewers of the show.

The judges in the show are amazingly talented, having a lot of experience and moreover, they can provide a great deal of entertainment in the show.

Moreover, the judges in the show make the viewer remain attached to the show ever after a long time from its first season. As contestants in the show are all new in ever every season of the show but the judges remains the same.

Here is the list of the judges you are going to see in the Masterchef Junior Season 7 from the auditions until the finale of the show.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon James Ramsay Jr. is one the most famous chef in the world. His first appearance on the tv was in the late 1990s in the UK television. His signature restaurant is situated in Chelsea, London. He is also the part of other famous cooking television show naming “The F word”, “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”.

masterchef junior season 7 judges


Ramsay was having some interest in football in his early days. However, his football career was moving towards the dead end due to the injuries.

In 2015, Gordon Ramsay was the part of Forbes list. Moreover, he was having a rank of 21st highest-earning celebrity in the world.

Christina Tosi

Christina is an American chef. She is the founder of the most famous bakery restaurant “Milk Bar”.

masterchef junior season 7 judges

She is also the author of many cooking books. It might feel strange to many readers but Christina holds the electrical engineering degree from the University of Virginia.

The starting of the TV career of Christina took a strat after appearing in the television ad of Subaru in 2014.

Later on, in 2015 she started serving as one of the judges in the MasterChef franchise. However, Chistina started judging the MasterChef Junior from the 4th edition of the show.

Graham Elliot

Graham is an American chef. He is a graduate from the Jhonson & Wales University. Due to the high-interest rate in food and music made Graham join this food career.

In 2004, Graham Elliot was one of the “Best New Chef” from the Food & Wine magazine which is published by Meredith Corporation.

masterchef junior season 7 judges

In 2009, he was the part of the “Top Chef Masters” show as a contestant. Moreover, he is also the contestant in another tv show “Iron Chefs”.

He is even nominated three times for “James Beard Award”.

In addition, his restaurant has a three-star rating from Chicago Tribune and two-star rating from Michelin Guide.

Joseph Bastianich

He is also known as Joe Bastianich. Joe is an American restauranteur and a television personality.

Earlier Joe was working as a bond trader in Wall Street. However, with a keen interest in the food let him start a new career in the food industry.

masterchef junior season 7 judges

Joe together with his mother Lidia Bastianich opened up an Italian restaurant. Later on, together with Mario Batali expanded their restaurant chain.

He was serving as the judge in the MasterChef franchise show before he was replaced by Christina Tosi.

However, he again started serving as a judge in the show from the 6th season. Moreover, he also has a guest appearance in the MasterChef Canada.

Aarón Sánchez

Aarón is an American award-winning celebrity chef. He was having one of the starring roles at the Food Network’s hit tv series “Chopped” and “Chopped Jr.”

masterchef junior season 7 judges

He is the part of the show as a judge from 2018. In addition, Aarón was in the list of judges for the auditions of the show.

He has appearances in the cooking show “Iron Chef America”. However, he was also a contestant on the cooking reality show “The Next Iron Chef”.

moreover, he has earlier been the host of the Emmy nominated award show “Taco Trip”.

MasterChef Junior Season 7 Contestants & Winners

The contestants in the show are not selected at a random. However, anyone who can fulfill the criteria of the auditions and participate in the auditions.

The names of the Masterchef Junior Season 7 Winner and Runner are going to be updated here. So wait for results to go out and you will see them here.

In auditions, the candidates have to prepare the meal in front of the judges and after that deserving candidates have to further audition or are selected for the main program of the show.

Season Winner Runner-Up
1 Alexander Weiss Dara Yu
2 Logan Guleff Samuel Stromberg
3 Nathan Odom Andrew Zappley
4 Addison Osta Smith Avery Kyle
5 Jasmine Stewart Justice Mayberry
6 Beni Cwiakala Avery Meadeows & Quani Fields


However, the participants for the Masterchef Junior Season 7 are not announced by the authority of the show.

Moreover, the participant list will be getting an update in this article as soon as the show will announce the name of all the participants in the latest upcoming season of the show.

More updates about Masterchef Junior Season 7 are on their way. So stick with us for the latest information.

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