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Mexican Dynasties Premiere Date and Cast

Mexican Dynasties is an upcoming American tv show. The show is going to be full of fashion, Mexican restaurants. Moreover, for viewers, the show is providing some unexpected surprises in the show.

“Campanario Entertainment”  and “Shed Media” are together serving as the production houses of the show.

However, there is some connection of cast of the show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. As Mauricio Umansky husband of Kyle Richards is related to Doris Bessudo.

Mexico City is the new cultural hub for Latin America. However, Mexico city is also the home for many richest families in the world.

In addition, the show is going to shed a spotlight in the lives of some rich elites living in the Mexico city. However, the show is going to follow the three families into its episodes.

The show is going to reveal the multiple textures of the culture of people living in Mexico. Moreover, the show is also going to reveal the scandalous high society private world of Mexico.

Mexican Dynasties is also going to explore the close relatives of these families and discover their connections.

However, with both comedy and heart, the series is going to discover the bond between the family members of different dynasties in the show.

The Allende, the Bessudo, and the Madrazo are the three dynasties in the show. However, each of these families acquires both traditional and rich elite part in the city.

Moreover, these three families are close to each other through various personal and professional means. As they have been living there for a long time.

In addition, these cultural dynasties in the show own the entertainment, beverage, and car industries. From these industries, these families are having their fortune income and making these families one of the rich elites in the city.

Mexican Dynasties Premiere Date

Earlier, Bravo tv has ordered 10 new latest upcoming shows for its viewers. Moreover, these upcoming programs are having the scheduling of 7 shows per week. However, one of the programs is Mexican Dynasties.

It all started when Bravo ordered, “Shed Media” and “Campanario Entertainment” for the making of this upcoming show. Later on, the authority of the show announces the name of the families in the show.

And now, it is official that the show is going to premiere on 26 of February 2019.

mexican dynasties premiere
Cast of Mexican Dynasties Taking Selfie

However, the show is only going to be telecasting on Bravo Television Network. Moreover, the show is having the timing of 10/9c for its premiere.

Moreover, one can also watch this amazing show on the official Bravo website.

Mexican Dynasties Cast

Jamie Davila from “Campanario Entertainment” together with Lisa Shannon and Pam Healey from “Shed Media” are serving as the executive producer of the Mexican Dynasties.

As the show is going to follow the three rich elite families of Mexico so the families are confirmed for the show.

mexican dynasties cast
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

As the name of the show suggests, these are the dynasties and its family member for the cast.

Allende Family

Allende family holds the Entertainment industry under their nose. Moreover, it is the main source of their fortune.

Members of Allende Dynasty are following.

  • Adan Allende- Adan is the younger son of Fernando and Mari. He is an aspiring recording artist. However, he was born in the wealth and is enjoying the wealthy lifestyle. After his elder brother left the band Adan has to move for the solo career. However, he wants to leave his father’s shadow to create his own stardom identity.
  • Fernando Allende- Fernando is an actor, singer, and artist. He started his career through soap opera in Spain. Later on, Fernando also became a film producer and director. However, he was also the host of “Miss World” for both 2017 and 2018 edition.
  • Mari Allende- She is married to Fernando for about 30 years. However, she is working as the manager for her busy husband. Moreover, she was raising her children with a tight grip and both Fernando and Mari lose the sense of privacy.
  • Elan Allende- he is excited with all new record deal. Elan is a Pop music artist. However, he is also in the bustling career of commercial real estate. Moreover, he is having a strained relationship with his both father and brother.
  • Jenny Allende- Jenny is married to Elan for about 9 years. Jenny has also signed the new musical record deal together with her husband. However, she seems to solidify her position in the family even after the odds that her in-laws never wanted Elan to marry her. Currently, both Elan and Jenny are temporarily shifted to Mexico City from Miami.

Bessudo Family

These are the names who are going to be in the show from the Bessudo family.

  • Raquel Bessudo- She is called as the “Grand Dame of Beauty” in Mexico. Raquel is a television host. She is married for about 58 years to Leon. Unfortunately, Leon passed away earlier this year. She is struggling to navigate dating in her digital age. Moreover, she is quite close to her daughter.
  • Doris Bessudo- Doris lives in the Beverly Hills. However, she pays a regular visit to her beloved Mexico city. Doris owns a female-led public relation and media company. Moreover, she also manages the career of her mother. She is a proud mother of two childer and a lovely wife.

Madrazo Family

This is the third and final family in the latest upcoming Bravo tv show “Mexican Dynasties”.

These people are going to represent the Madrazo family in the show.

  • Oscar Madrazo- Oscar owns the largest and most prestigious company in Latin America. However, he started his company at the age of 18. He is the first openly gay man to have children through surrogacy in Latin America. Now, he wants to find love in the dating pool again.
  • Paulina Madrazo- She is an executive in Oscar’s modeling agency. She is the co-host of the show “Qué Madrazo” which is an entertainment talk show in the Mexico city. Paulina is a divorced mother. However, she mostly wants her brother to be happy as she is.

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