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My First First Love Watch Online [Netflix Korean Drama 2019]

My First First Love is an upcoming Netflix original series. However, it is a romantic drama South Korean television series. Jung Hyun Jung is the creator of this television series. In this article, you are going to know how you can watch the series online.

Jung Hyun Jung is a South Korean screenwriter. However, she has written quite some shows which are widely in the liking of the viewers. Some of her writings are “Love Can’t Wait”, “In Need Of Romance”, “My First Time”, “I Love You” and many more. Moreover, she is quite popular for her writings as her writings are quite popular in the romantic series which are likely to be the favorites of many people.

Korean Dramas are now gaining a lot of appreciation and views across the world. So, again Netflix is going for its original Korean content.

“Oh Jin Seok” is the director of this upcoming romantic tv series. Jin Seok is quite popular for directing the notable romantic series like “Yong Pal” and “Goddess of Marriage”.

However, the series is all about a group of teenagers who are going to feel the essence of love and friendship. So you better watch it online and support the creators of the show.

This teen romance series is going to have a total of 8 episodes. However, it is the debut season of the show. Moreover, there is no news about the further extension of this show until now.

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How To Watch My First First Love Online?

As My First First Love is the Netflix original content. So, Netflix is going to be the sole online broadcaster of this show to watch it online.

However, this show is a Korean content so this series might not be widely available to various regions of the world. However, you can still watch this show over various other websites. But you might not get the quality of the end product from those websites as Netflix provides.

NOTE- We will provide the link for watching the show online when it will be available. However, we do not encourage or promote these websites.

My First First Love Netflix Show Cast

After the production of the show began. The authority of the show named the casts.

Moreover, the casts of the show are the following.

  • Ji SooKim Ji Soo is a South Korean Actor. He made his debut in 2009. He is playing the character of Yoon Tae-oh.
  • Jung Chae Yeon- Chae Yeon is playing the role of Han Song Yi.
  • Jung Jin Young- Jin Young is a South Korean actor, singer, songwriter, and record producer. However, he is playing the role of Seo Do Hyun.
  • Choi Ri- Choi Ri is a Korean actress. She is quite popular for her role in the historical film “Spirits’ Homecoming”. Moreover, she is playing the role of Oh Ga Rin.
  • Kang Tae Oh- Kang Tae is an actor and singer. He is a member of 5uprise. He is playing the role of Choi Hoon.

Other than this Hong Ji-Yoon and Jung Si-Ah are in the supporting roles which you are going to watch in the series.

My First First Love Plot & Theme

The show is all about a group of college students. And about their realization of friendship and first love. Moreover, the show also reveals a new friendship.

And many more one can relate to their college time.

More updates about watching the series online are coming out soon. So make sure you stay tuned with us and comment on what you think about this upcoming show.

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