Nailed It 2019 Auditions

Nailed It 2019 Auditions

Nailed It 2019 Auditions About the Show

Nailed It !!! is the Netflix original Series where they bake a cake. Just to remind you this show is not for professionals. If you are pathetic at baking this show is for you. In Season 1 there were 6 episodes. In each episode, there was one winner who gets the prize money of $10,000.

  • Netflix Original Series
  • Reality Bake-off show
  • 6 Episodes 6 winners
  • Prize money $10,000

  Nailed It 2019 Auditions

Nailed it 2019 Auditions are yet to be announced. Netflix original series Season 1 premiered on 9 March 2018. Also, Season 2 is on its way this same year on 29 June. But the bad news is audition already over. So, here we will discuss Season 3 audition which may soon happen at the start of the year.

You May know it or may not but Netflix releases show’s all episode together. For Season 2 auditions also happened through Selfies

  • Nailed It 2019 Audition dates are not announced
  • Nailed It Season 3 will be air in 2019
  • Season 1 was aired on 9th March, 2018

Check further for more Nailed It 2019 Audition details.

Nailed It 2019 Auditions

Nailed It 2019 Audition Requirement

Good news, you don’t have to work hard. No need for filling an application form for Nailed It 2019 Auditions. All you need do is:

  • Take your best photograph
  • Your Photograph should be with your best-failed cake
  • You can also post a selfie

Steps to get into the Nailed It 2019:

  1. Take a Selfie
  2. Bake your face on a cookie.
    Use the recipe from Nailed It!! Facebook Page
    When You are done
  3. Post your Side by Side Selfie of you and cake on Facebook and Instagram or Twitter
  5. Make Sure to tag @NAILEDIT

Note- Season 2 will be out on June 29. Nailed It is not scheduled yet. So, Information regarding Nailed It 2019 auditions is yet to be told. And  to know more about it or you want to watch the show log on to

Nailed It Netflix 2019 Audition

Before talking about Nailed It 2019 Auditions requirement let us discuss the show. In the show, the 1st challenge is named as “Baker’s Choice”.  Here the participant has to recreate a treat from one of three already-made-treats. The winner wins the prize and is honored to put a golden chef’s hat.

2nd challenge is “Nail It or Fail It”. Here from scratch participant has to re-prepare a show-stopping cake.

So, here is some crazy requirement to qualify for this hilarious show Nailed It 2019 Auditions:

  • Professions and people with good baking skills are not allowed
  • You need to be a pathetic baker to qualify
  • Armatures are needed

Is Nailed It Coming Back in 2019?

Another spin-off of the show is coming on Netflix with the name Nailed it Mexico. Although there is no news about the show coming back for now. But is expected that the show will return this year in the end quarter.

Since there is no information about it for now, you can simply bookmark this page. The show is most likely to come with a season 4 of the show.

There will be an update if the information is revealed related to show Nailed It 2019 Auditions. Just remember to stick around

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  1. I cannot wait for 2019 Nailed It! auditions!!! I missed out on the last auditions, but am ready to go for next year!! My baking can be amazing, but I am not very good at multi tasking in the kitchen, especially when I have limited time.

  2. I would LOVE it if they’d do a mother and daughter team show!!! I love baking and cooking with my mini me!!

  3. Just watched this show. OMG, I love it. I called my daughter and begged her to come watch some episodes, BINGE TIME. We do lots of home baking for people where she works. We also had, (key word, HAD) an unsuccessful bake shop 5 years ago. We should have called it NAILED IT. Oh, I have so many stories of time crunches, panic modes, ruined cake, odd colors, tastes good but what the hell is its. Our newest project is making kidney shaped cookies with faces and writing to sell at a bake sale to benefit my son Jared, who needs a kidney transplant. Wish us luck!

  4. I’d really love the chance to be on the show because I enjoy baking but I’m not that great and winning that money would be a great opportunity.

  5. I’d really love the chance to be on the show because I enjoy baking but I’m not that great and winning that money would be a great opportunity. Please Choose me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I would love if they could do a nailed it kids because well I’m a kid and I love baking but I’m not that good so it’s perfect for me and it’s a huge opportunity

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