never goin' back box office collection

Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection and Prediction

The new upcoming comedy-drama film Never Goin’ Back is going to release on the 3rd of August 2018. In this article, you are going to get all the details of Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection and Prediction updates.

The article includes details like Box Office Prediction, Budget, Cast, Plot, Release, Trailer and many more.

Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection

The movie is an Augustine Frizzell direction and is also written by her. James M, Johnston, Liz Cardenas, David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks are behind the production of the movie. The movie is edited by Courtney Ware along with the director herself.

Here below you will see all the updates about the Box Office Gross of the movie. The table below is going to include all the weekly updates about Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection. Along with these details, more updates will be available below like, the worldwide and domestic all-time collections:

Weeks Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection
Week 1 TBD
Week 2 TBD
Week 3 TBD
Week 4 TBD
Week 5 TBD
Week 6 TBD
Week 7 TBD


“Never Goin’ Back Worldwide Collection: Will be Updated”

“Never Goin’ Back Domestic Collection: Will be Updated”

Here we will update the movie’s all-time Box Office Collection. Along with these, dated updates will be available here. So stay tuned.

Never Goin’ Back Movie Budget

The movie does not have a tremendous budget. As it is a comedy-drama movie, the main focus is not laid upon the budget of the movie.

Although not many details of the movie budget are available, buy it is not that hard to assume.

“Never Goin’ Back Movie Budget: Below $30 Million Dollars”

Well, this is just an estimation, actual numbers will be displayed once the movie releases. But one thing is for sure, the movie does not have a very huge budget like Action movies.

Never Goin’ Back Box Office Prediction

Not many reports are currently present regarding Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection. Before we make any estimate, tell us your views on Never Goin’ Back Box Office Prediction.
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According to us, the movie is going to do a business of about $ 100 Million Dollars. The movie does not seem to cross the $ 200 Million Dollars benchmark.

But nothing can be said until the movie releases. So let us wait and watch. There are many possibilities, all depends upon the movie plot and whether people like it or not.

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Never Goin’ Back Movie Cast

The cast of Never Goin’ Back looks like this:

  • Maia Mitchell
  • Camila Morrone
  • Kyle Mooney
  • Matthew Holcomb
  • Kendal Smith
  • Joel Allen

Maia is going to play Angela and Camila is going to play Jessie.

Along with them, Kyle has the role of Brandon, Joel as Dustin. The character of Ryan and Tony will be played by Matthew and Kendal.

What are your thoughts on the cast and Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection? Tell us your views by commenting down below.

Never Goin’ Back Plot and Storyline

As mentioned above, the movie is from comedy-drama genre.

never goin' back box office collection

The movie is about to best friends Angela and Jessie. The girls are just having fun and trying to live their way in the world.

Both of them face a lot together and this is where things get funnier. With both of them hanging around together, trouble is always ahead. But the friendship is super strong.

Make sure you go and watch the movie in theaters. As the movie is receiving a good response from movie critics, it is worth a watch.

Never Goin’ Back Movie Release

The movie is going to release on 3 August 2018 in the United States. Before coming to the theaters, the movie has been displayed on Sundance Film Festival in January.

But for now, the confirmed date is 3rd of August, 2018. If there are any changes to the schedule, we will update you about it.

Click here to watch the Movie Trailer

The music in the film is given by Sarah Jaffe. Greta Zozula is behind the cinematography of Never Goin’ Back.

This is it for Never Goin’ Back Box Office Collection. You need not worry as more update about the movie collection are on their way.

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